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In Good Light

on Nov 10, 2015

Too often we get caught up in chasing the high profile animals like leopards and lions, and wanting to photograph them during the golden hours of the day. But let’s face it, we are not guaranteed those types of opportunities all the time, and sometimes we drive straight past opportunities which has the ability to create just as good photographs. People tend not to bother about animals such as impalas and other common animals.

Have a look at some photographs of impalas that I have taken in good light. They are probably the most underrated animals out there because they are so common and most people do not even stop to give them a second look.

10Nov15 IGL01
10Nov15 IGL02
10Nov15 IGL03

In my opinion you should photograph any subject in good light (usually during the golden hours and twilight), regardless if the species is a common one or a high profile species.

Go on, try something different!

Pravir Patel

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