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Meals inspired by nature, prepared to global luxury standards

Earth Lodge is a celebration of the environment, design and sensory luxury. Our skilled culinary team crafts exemplary home-styled meals inspired by local produce, seasons, colours and flavours, finished with a designer flair.

Dining in iconic Earth Lodge style

A composition of unexpected pleasures.

The attention to detail in every dish

Each meal at Earth Lodge is carefully considered, planned and crafted by our team with the flexibility to adapt dishes to suit every palate and occasion. Our chefs love nothing more than exchanging ideas and sharing recipes with fellow cuisine enthusiasts.

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Moments of sensory delights

Inspired by its surroundings, Earth Lodge has numerous spectacular settings in which to dine. From lunching with your toes dipped in refreshing water at our Day Bar Pool or dining under a blanket of stars in the heart of the bush – your every sense is awakened.

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The luxury of private dining

On request, you can linger over a finely dressed table, an exceptional meal and premium wine in the comfort of your opulent suite, or dine in the gentle glow of our magnificent wine cellar.

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“Every meal is an expression of creativity. We are continually finding fresh combinations of flavours that please the eye and the palate.”

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The wine dinner in the wine cellar was also special. The chef, Sam, the sommelier Megan, our waiter, Simon and rest of the managers and staff were so friendly and genuinely wanted us to have the trip of a lifetime.

Exceptional dining with a difference

Dine under the stars, in our award-winning wine cellar or the privacy of your suite.

Outdoor boma

A traditional safari dinner, reinvented

Feel cocooned in the arc of our outdoor boma, illuminated by the dancing flames of the fireside braziers, safari lanterns and a ceiling of stars above. Dining outdoors in the wilderness is a feast of flavours, aromas, sights and sounds.

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Private cellar dining

A highly personalised setting for couples or small groups

Wind your way to our subterranean cellar where the walls are lined with over 6 000 bottles of flagship South African wines.  The hand-hewn wooden table and candelabra above set the stage for an exquisite culinary food and wine journey with each course.

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The Garden of Contemplation

A seamless integration of luxury dining and nature

Take the time to pause, savour and reflect on the beauty and bounty of life in the deeply intimate dining space where you are surrounded by the wild African bush, a cacophony of night-time sounds and the Milky Way above.

Have dietary needs? Our chefs cater for a wide range of dietary needs. If you have any specific requirements, please let us know and we will readily accommodate them.

Where every meal is planned to perfection

The joy of effortless luxury.