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Every meal is a celebration of togetherness

Little Bush Camp offers a spectacular culinary experience that is the epitome of African hospitality in true safari style. Our skilled chefs prepare delicious meals that provide the perfect accompaniment to friendship and love in the heart of nature.

Dining at Little Bush Camp

An intimate and luxurious affair.
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Delicious meals made with passion

Each meal at Little Bush Camp reflects our warm and welcoming hospitality. Our chef and culinary team blend fresh flavours and ingredients to create wholesome clean food that is made from the heart.

Little Bush Camp's meals reflect warm hospitality, a feast of delights.

Unhurried moments in the wild

Little Bush Camp’s unique location and exclusive size affords a rich variety of intimate settings in which to relish good food with those you love accompanied by the sounds of the bushveld as your choir.

Sabi Sabi couple enjoying premium wine at the Little Bush Camp bar.
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Intimate private dining experiences

Each of Little Bush Camp’s 6 luxury suites is carefully designed to welcome the bushveld inside, giving you the option to request the privacy of dining in the comfort of your suite and maximise your exclusive time in the bush. 

Experience dinner underneath the Sabi Sabi stars on the Msuthlu riverbed at Little Bush Camp.

“We love making food that makes people feel relaxed and happy.”

Sabi Sabi Little Bush Camp expansive dining area close to the bar.

We stayed at Sabi Sabi Little Bush Camp for three nights and had a wonderful time. The grounds of the lodge are beautiful and the staff are genuinely friendly.

Superb food, a variety of settings

Under the cover of the thatched boma, in the riverbed or the privacy of your suite, dining at Little Bush Camp is a deliciously intimate experience.
A romantic private bush picnic at Sabi Sabi.

Garden picnics

A childhood joy brought to life in luxury style

Enjoy an alfresco picnic in our natural bushveld gardens. Recline on comfy cushions on a lush lawn shaded by indigenous trees while nibbling on a perfectly packed breakfast or lunch menu that is both nourishing and flavourful enhanced by the natural aromas of the bushveld.

Enchanting Msuthlu riverbed dining, a rendezvous steeped in romance.

Riverbed dining

Exclusive dining in a breathtakingly beautiful setting

Flanked by ancient Riverine trees and canopied by the spectacular African night sky, dining at a flawlessly dressed table with a personalised menu and full silver service in the Msuthlu riverbed is a deeply romantic affair.

Indulge in an exquisite dining escapade within the secluded haven of Little Bush Camp's garden.

Private Dining

An exceptional experience enhanced by nature

On request, you can dine at a superbly dressed table set up in the privacy of your luxury suite, or you can dine in a secluded part of our garden where you can enjoy an intimate meal in the heart of the bush.

Have dietary needs? Our chefs cater for a wide range of dietary needs. If you have any specific requirements, please let us know and we will readily accommodate them.

Where every meal is an act of love

A celebration in flavours and freshness.