Our Sabi Sabi team

Meet the people who love making your stay extraordinary

Behind the scenes or front of house, every member of our team is instrumental in making your stay in the African bush an exceptional one. Their training, passion and deep commitment to ensuring you feel comfortable, relaxed and at home is evident in every detail.

What makes our Sabi Sabi team so special

Sabi Sabi is world-renowned for our superlative hospitality. Training and experience aside, we believe the secret lies in our combination of genuine empathy, an instinctive ability to make people feel at ease and our deep care for each other and our guests.
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Our shared sense of belonging

Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve is our home. We are a close-knit team united by a shared vision, a strong belief in our brand and deep pride and passion in everything we do.

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Our genuine care

We consider our colleagues and our guests to be family. And just like family, we encourage, support and genuinely care about each other as we journey together through life.

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We empower each other

We invest in our team and provide our Sabi Sabi family members with training, development opportunities and support to help them fulfil their potential and find their joy. The result is a close-knit team that is proud to represent our name.

Featured Quote Team

"The facility is first class and 5 star, the staff friendly (and a great team) and the Rangers and spotters are truly excellent. We had fantastic safaris twice a day and took over 4000 photos during this amazing adventure. This was a trip of a lifetime. Highly recommended!"


Our dream teams in action

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