International fare with a fresh African twist

The magical bush setting, the locally sourced ingredients, the talented chefs and the sprinkle of Sabi Sabi flavour blend together to create unforgettable dining experiences.

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A feast for the senses

The unique character of each of our four lodges is reflected in their menus and varied dining settings.

Why everything tastes better in the bush

Inspired flavours, premiums drinks and exceptional locations and great company.
Our chefs use only the freshest ingredients when preparing food at Sabi Sabi.

Fresh organic ingredients

Healthy meals prepared by our amazing chefs.

Traditional recipes made with love

Romantic dinner under starlight for a special occasion.

A variety of intimate settings

Award winning wine list at Sabi Sabi.

Award winning wine list


“We take our cue from the traditions of the past, which we reinterpret into meals worthy of a luxury African safari.”

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Dining experiences to fill your soul

Elevate the exceptional with unique dining settings and exclusive experiences that are available on request.
A romantic private bush picnic at Sabi Sabi.

Bush Picnics

Feel like the only people on the planet with a romantic safari-style picnic set up in a secluded and scenic spot

Guests interact with professional guides during lunch.

Bush Breakfasts

Celebrate Africa, her animals and the start of a new day with those closest to your heart over a delicious breakfast in the wilderness

Sabi Sabi guests on a romantic getaway enjoying a meal while overlooking the safari bush.

Private Dining

Alongside a riverbed, in the cocoon of the wine cellar, or the crest of a rocky outcrop – enjoy a romantic meal in a remarkable setting

Dine under safari starlight with a variety of intimate settings.

Special Occasions

Embrace the extraordinary and create events to remember with a magical Sabi Sabi themed dinner

Dinner in the bush with the finest local and international beverages.
Over the course of the three days we were there, meals were served in different places. A surprise bush breakfast on the last morning was the icing on the cake. We enjoyed every minute.

Where nature is paired with the finest local and international beverages

To quench a thirst, warm the soul or to toast the perfection of life, we have a vast collection of beverages and award-winning wines and spirits.

Award winning winelist available at Sabi Sabi.

Premium wines enjoyed in a pristine setting

Our wine list has consistently garnered international acclaim, testament to its exceptional range of South African wine styles. Among its accolades, the prestigious Two-Stars in the esteemed ‘The World of Fine Wine’ annual awards stand as a shining example. This recognition, earned repeatedly over multiple years, mirrors the coveted status akin to Michelin Stars, underscoring our unwavering commitment to excellence.

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Gin and tonic, the signature safari drink.

Gin and tonic, the signature safari drink

From premium local and international gins and spirits to sparkling wines and non-alcoholic drinks, we have a wide selection of choices to pair with every perfect and unforgettable moment.

Have dietary needs? Just let us know before your arrival and we will accommodate your dietary requirements.
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Customised dining spaces, experiences and dishes that capture the charm of each lodge

Selati Camp

Dine in timeless Selati Camp elegance.

Meals inspired by the past, prepared to perfection in the present

Selati Camp is all about fresh ingredients and unique flavours united in a traditional African way.

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Bush Lodge

Interactive food stations while you dine and drink under the starlit Sabi Sabi sky.

Experience authentic flavour at Sabi Sabi

Bush Lodge is characterised by its blend of international trends and traditional fare to create a menu that is modern yet comforting.

View Bush Lodge Dining

Little Bush Camp

Little Bush Camp dining is the epitome of good times with close friends.

Every meal is a celebration of togetherness

Little Bush is the epitome of good times with close friends and its menu is made up of relaxed-style meals with an emphasis on quality.

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Earth Lodge

Elevate dining at Earth Lodge's wine cellar, where exquisite meals and fine vintages await.

Exceptional dishes inspired by our surroundings

At Earth Lodge the focus is on contemporary fine dining. Each dish is conceptualised with the time, season and meal location in mind.

View Earth Lodge Dining

Choose how you want to explore nature’s many gifts

Be it a game drive, going on a birding safari, or exploring the bush on foot – there are so many ways in which to appreciate Africa’s untamed wildlife