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love story

A tale that started over 40 years ago

What started as an idea to create a home in the bush grew into so much more than we could ever have imagined.

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Sabi Sabi’s myriad of overlapping ecosystems gave us an extraordinary perspective on life, making it impossible not to appreciate one’s existence. Before long, Sabi Sabi became a passion, it entered our souls and it shaped our view of ourselves, our family, our community.

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We don’t “own” Sabi Sabi, we are simply her custodians

We understand that it’s our role to conserve this African wilderness and share it with others through unforgettable safaris that deepen an appreciation for all things great and small.

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Our journey has been quite an .

Sabi Sabi is the epitome of balancing the needs of conservation, tourism and community to the benefit of all

We understand that for tourism and conservation to thrive, local communities must thrive too. If we can nurture, uplift and promote the wellbeing of our neighbours, we can help them to appreciate the role that conservation has to play in attracting guests to Africa’s pristine wildlife and in turn, generating growth and development for all.

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The Sabi Sabi Experience
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We work as a Community to conserve nature

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From the very beginning, we deliberately included everyone in our vision of conserving nature and sharing her beauty with others from all over the world. We began with the upliftment of our employees and our neighbours and now, we are a large yet close-knit community united by mutual trust, respect and the desire to protect the land and build a positive future.

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40 years of excellence in the making

From welcoming families the world over to working with neighbouring communities and conserving our pristine piece of Africa, we are privileged to be where we are now.

Our people are at the Heart of everything we do

Our promise for the Future

Committed to safeguarding nature for generations to come.

It is by remembering our past that we look to the future. Over the decades, we’ve grown to understand how vital the wilderness is to humankind. Nature helps us strengthen our bonds and find peace within ourselves, which is why we must protect this land and make it a sanctuary for flora, fauna and for our guests. We promise to continue to create stable employment for local communities through ecotourism and continue to share our respect and love for the wilderness with all – so that the magic of Sabi Sabi will forever live on.

The Sabi Sabi Team

Marvel at the majestic wings of a roller bird at Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve.

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