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5400 hectares of untamed Africa

The Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve is an unspoiled wonderland in a recognised hotspot of biodiversity in South Africa. The reserve’s location, coupled with its varied terrains and habitats, attracts an abundance of diverse wildlife.

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Admire giraffes grazing during a Sabi Sabi game drive.

All the elements of a perfect safari

The combination of being in a water-rich location, home to varied topography, and our philosophy of respect for the land and her animals, means that everything is in place to deliver a once in a lifetime wildlife experience.

The pleasure of exploring a private piece of paradise

The beauty of a private game reserve is that you have the freedom to enjoy unhurried, uninterrupted and extremely close sightings.
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Leopard walking under a spotlight during a night drive in Sabi Sabi.

Explore the bush at night

With your experienced game ranger and tracker as your guides, you can experience the thrill of a game drive at night and spot some of the smaller and shyer nocturnal creatures of the dark. You also gain the freedom to go off-road and enjoy the best predator sightings possible.

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Experience a rare klipspringer sighting at Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve.

Customised habitat management

As a private reserve, we have the autonomy to manage our habitat as necessary. Our approach – based on extensive research, observation and experience – is one of minimal interference. Mother Nature knows best and our job is to help her maintain a natural ecosystem that supports her flora and fauna.

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Sabi Sabi guests observe two rhinos interacting on a private game drive.

Protecting your safety and that of the animals

As an independent concern, we have the flexibility to structure our own safety protocols and anti-poaching efforts, which impacts how we interact with the animals. We believe that mutual respect fosters trust, which in turn allows for better, safer and more intimate sightings.

Our world-renowned location

Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve is home to 4 unique luxury lodges and a rich and varied abundance of wildlife.
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Our commitment to conservation

How we take care of our precious piece of Africa

Our dual conservation philosophy is to be a living example of a business that effectively links tourism with conservation and the community, and secondly, to protect South Africa’s rapidly dwindling wilderness areas.

Together with qualified ecological consultants, our year-round habitat management programme includes controlled burns, waterhole rotation, road maintenance, soil erosion control, alien plant control and most importantly, anti-poaching.

Over and above the Sabie Game Reserve conservation units, we have dedicated anti-poaching units to bolster the safety of our animals.

See a magnificent range of creatures

The result of considered habitat management, anti-poaching efforts and varied topography.

Explore our abundant and varied wilderness

The reserve’s variety of habitats attract an abundant and diverse range of animals. This translates into better game viewing experiences, which allow you to marvel at the majesty of Mother Nature in all of her glory.

Sabi Sabi is home to over 300 species of birds, 47 large mammal species, 57 species of reptiles and a myriad of smaller animals, including rare and localised species like Pangolins, African Wild Dogs and black and white rhinos, to name but a few.

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