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The Sabi Sabi wildlife experience

Enjoy close encounters and gain fresh perspectives that will invigorate your senses and shift your understanding of nature’s beauty forever.
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Catch a glimpse of the Sabi Sabi safari experience

Mesmerizing sighting of a Leopard in a tree in Sabi Sabi.
The Sabi Sabi Safari Experience

An experience like no other

Guests enjoy male lion sighting in green grass.
Explore ~ Engage ~ Connect

Each wildlife experience is a unique adventure filled with excitement and discovery

  • Enjoy the untamed thrill of getting up close to animals big and small
  • Appreciate nature’s miracles through the eyes of a passionate wildlife team
  • Discover how tourism, conservation and local communities are interlinked
  • Experience nature, understand more about yourself
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Riverbed walking safari with expert guide.
Experience ~ Understand ~ Appreciate

Every sense heightens as you gain a different perspective of nature's many wonders

  • Ditch the game vehicle and explore the bush as a team on foot 
  • Witness creatures and details that would otherwise be missed
  • Draw on your senses as you navigate your way through the bush 
  • Gain deeper insights into the interconnectedness and interdependence of nature
Thrill at spotting a leopard in a tree during a Sabi Sabi night drive.
Anticipate ~ Discover ~ Enjoy

Take in the suspense and delight of the bush at night as the predators hunt and nocturnal creatures come out to play

  • The bush transforms into a different world after dark
  • Note how your senses sharpen at every rustle, howl and call
  • Relish the excitement of spotting nature’s shyer creatures 
  • Feel alive under the twinkling stars of the African night sky
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Mesmerizing sighting of jackal in open field at Sabi Sabi Reserve.
Escape ~ Rediscover ~ Rejuvenate

Slow down and savour a deep sense of peace that frees you to appreciate life, nature and love

  • Relax into the gentle rhythm of the bush
  • Cherish moments that deepen the bonds with those you love
  • Gain new insights into the wonders of life
  • Leave feeling refreshed and enlightened 
Featured Quote Team
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Our guides were such brilliant company; our boys enjoyed a tracking masterclass or two from Barnie (who has a knack for tracking leopards and rhino in particular!) and Neo, the best driver by far and a knowledgable and delightful host made the whole experience one we will remember forever.

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Revel in our playground

Our location on a central plain between two rivers means that our reserve is home to different biomes and habitats that attract a wide variety of wildlife.

Our unwavering commitment to nature

We conserve and protect the wilderness we call home

A deep love and respect for nature runs through our veins. Which is why we engage in various initiatives to safeguard Mother Nature’s fragile ecosystems – from anti-poaching to ongoing habitat management.


We protect our animals

Sabi Sabi's anti-poaching unit: Dedicated guardians.

Nature is a living miracle and to us, poaching is not only unthinkable, it’s an illegal act that threatens one of South Africa’s greatest treasures. This is why we have a dedicated anti-poaching unit and partner with other conservation teams in the area to extend our cover of protection.

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Habitat Management

Afternoon thunderstorm at Sabi Sabi, nature's drama.

We have a dedicated Habitat Management Team whose year-round operations are shaped by qualified ecological consultants. These efforts are continually reassessed, reviewed and revised to make sure that we are taking the best possible care of this incredibly special place we call home.  

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Fascinating facts and tales

Discover more about the birds, herds, insects and animals that frequent our reserve

We have a wealth of knowledge, experience and tales that sometimes seem so wild, they can only be true.

Giraffes graze on high treetops, a graceful sight.


Foetal giraffes and astronauts share a common challenge - the transition from a weightless environment to one of significant gravitational pull. When born, the blood vessels in an infant giraffes’ legs quickly thicken allowing them to stand and walk within an hour of birth. These discoveries about giraffes helped to improve the effectiveness of a device known as a Lower Body Negative Pressure Device that is designed to simulate earth-like conditions and prevent home-coming astronauts from blacking upon entering the earth`s atmosphere.

Kingfisher prepares to dive into water, poised and elegant.


Of all the species of Kingfisher that one will find at Sabi Sabi, the Giant kingfisher and Pied kingfisher have mastered the art of catching fish - while the Pied kingfisher hovers over shallow water in search of unwary fish, the bulkier Giant kingfisher prefers to hunt from a perch. Their secret to a successful hunt lies within the aerodynamic build of their beak and head. A kingfisher’s beak is streamlined to cut through water without creating a bow that the fish can detect, giving the kingfisher the opportunity to grab the unsuspecting prey.

Two male lions spotted on a Sabi Sabi game drive.

Lion Prides

The sociability of a lion pride is what makes it so phenomenal. Their ability to interact and work together gives them the upper hand when hunting, therefore increasing their chances of success substantially. An often overlooked aspect of lion prides is the females role of mothering and the communal care of cubs within the pride, which contribute to strengthening the pride. Lionesses’ bodies are so beautifully designed, that their gestation lasts a mere 110 days. This very quick period ensures that these females can successfully continue hunting, in order to produce milk for the cubs and keep control of the pride.

Vulture sighting on Sabi Sabi game drive, captivating spectacle.


Although deemed “scavengers" and portrayed in poor light by many, vultures are possibly the most misunderstood animal in nature, and actually do no harm. Their phenomenal eyesight allows them to spot carcasses from high up in the air and they are responsible for 'cleaning up' and making the environment a healthier place by ridding the ecosystem of diseases and unwanted remains. The frenzy we see around a carcass is actually a very strict hierarchal feeding structure based on body, and most importantly beak size - making it more about who has the right “tools” for the job, rather than a “first come first serve”

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Our ambassadors and interpreters of the bush

Considered among the best guides and trackers in the industry

Meet the Rockstars of the safari world. Every guide and tracker is highly experienced and has undergone intensive training to make sure that your safari is safe, informative and unforgettable.

Many have spent their lives in the bush and can teach you anything from the terrain to the stars. And whether it’s your first safari or your hundredth, you can rely on these professionals to bring your experience to life every time.

Read More About Our Expert Safari Team

Choose how you want to explore nature’s many gifts

Be it a game drive, going on a birding safari, or exploring the bush on foot – there are so many ways in which to appreciate Africa’s untamed wildlife