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A Sabi Sabi walking safari

Being in the wilderness at ground level is
a different kind of thrill

Moving in silence, your heart beats to the excitement of adventuring through nature's wildest of gardens, while your experienced guide shares knowledge about the interconnected elements of the bush.

An eye-level view of nature

Switch from being a passenger to an active participant in the bush.
Family on an exclusive guided walking safari encounters two magnificent elephants.

Close encounters and unexpected discoveries

Being on foot gives you access to different parts of the bush and offers a spine-tingling opportunity to experience the wilderness up-close. It is a simultaneously invigorating, informative and completely unforgettable experience.

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Expert guide identifying elephant dung on a safari walk.

See nature in extreme detail

Sharpen your focus on smaller plants, insects, spoor and animals that you could miss from a game vehicle. Our knowledgeable guides will open your mind to a micro world of wonder-ness.

Safe safari walk with Sabi Sabi’s expert guide.

Feel safe in the hands of our highly trained guides

Our walking safari guides have hundreds of hours of training under their belts and many have grown up in nature. They have an instinctive understanding of how to read the bush and highlight the interconnected web of life.

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Untamed beauty in great detail

A rare combination of excitement, discovery and adventure.
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Our guide and tracker were excellent, and we really enjoyed the bushwalk they organised for us. One highlight of our stay was witnessing the birth of a buffalo on our very last game drive before leaving!

Experiences to remember forever

Whether it’s ticking off your birding list, keeping up with a pack of Wild African dogs on the hunt, exploring the bush on foot, or mastering the perfect sunset photograph – every adventure is one you will cherish.