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Photographic safaris at
Sabi Sabi

A pristine environment filled with lens-worthy wonders.

Renowned for the magnificent wildlife encounters at our reserve, a photographic safari under the guidance of a leading wildlife photographic host is the ideal opportunity for enthusiasts to capture this untamed beauty. Furthermore, our respectful approach to how we engage with animals has meant that we have built a relationship of trust with them, enabling us to get up close to capture once-in-a-lifetime images of fascinating creatures in their natural habitat.

Capture the imperfect perfection of Africa

Our experienced photographic safari team will make sure everything is in place to help you get your image of a lifetime.
Safari vehicle, your gateway to Sabi Sabi's marvels.

Vehicles customised for photography in mind

Our dedicated photographic safari vehicles feature open sides for unobstructed views, swivel seats and fixed camera stands to give you a stable base from which to snap only the best of pictures.

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The majestic face of a Leopard spotted in a tree in Sabi Sabi.

Expert guidance to help you fine-tune your skills

An award-winning shooter or a beginner, there is always something to learn from a highly experienced wildlife photographer. Available on request, our top hosts will give you guidance on techniques, angles, post-production and tips on how to get the best from your equipment.

Majestic Sabi Sabi lion in its wilderness realm.

Be immersed in a world of inspiration

Home to the Big 5, Sabi Sabi’s private game reserve is a nature photographer’s ultimate dream. The sweeping landscapes, magnificent sunrises and diverse habitats punctuated by hundreds of different animals, make our reserve a nature photographer’s ultimate playground.

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A wealth of picture-perfect subjects and landscapes

From the common to the elusive, the reserve is home to an abundance of wildlife.
Male lion walking directly at a Sabi Sabi game drive vehicle.


Lilac-breasted roller perched, a vibrant jewel on a branch.


Zebra and foal indulging in a shared feast.


Two giraffes strolling in unison, a game drive delight.


Leopard resting aloft a tree, a picture of elegance.


Elephant spotted raising its trunk in Sabi Sabi.


Picturesque moments
at every turn

Zoom in on sweeping panoramas to close-up night shots.

Professional photography tips

Pointers from our guides and experts to help you capture your shot of a lifetime.
A dragonfly perched on a lotus flower, a fleeting moment of beauty.

Natural framing

In a lot of wildlife scenarios, you may come across a natural object near the scene that can be used to “frame” the main element of the image. It’s a common photographic composition technique and one that can be quite powerful if done right.

Witness a daring flap-necked chameleon on a branch, blending with nature's artistry.

Sense of scale

How does one show a sense of scale when photographing animals? It’s quite tough for a viewer to sometimes judge how big or small an animal is just by looking at a photograph.

An African leopard spotted at a waterhole on a private Sabi Sabi game drive.

Capturing the moment

As we progress as wildlife photographers we often stress about composition, light, and other factors when photographing wildlife, and we forget about just capturing the moment.

Lion duo staring into the African horizon at Sabi Sabi.

In good light

In my opinion you should photograph any subject in good light (usually during the golden hours and twilight), regardless if the species is a common one or a high profile species.

Looking to rent photographic equipment for your visit

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As I also mentioned an interest in night sky photography, Ronald also worked late on three of the evenings, taking me out again after dinner to photograph the milky way. Also a special thanks to Terry, who joined us one evening and shared his favourite night sky locations (and photo tips) with me.

Kellie N

Experiences to remember forever

Whether it’s ticking off your birding list, keeping up with a pack of Wild African dogs on the hunt, exploring the bush on foot, or mastering the perfect sunset photograph – every adventure is one you will cherish.