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Sabi Sabi As A Teaching Tool

on Dec 24, 2014

I always am in awe of the newsletters I receive and all the amazing stories told by rangers and guests. My husband and I visited Bush Lodge in July/August 2009 and have lasting, wonderful memories of our stay, the staff and experiences.

For 2 years now I have used much of what I saw, learned and photographed as a teaching tool with my classes. My students are so excited by all I show and tell them and cannot wait to do their animal reports, no matter what the animal.

Giraffe At Sabi Sabi On Safari

I hope to return some day in the future to see and learn more, even after I have retired.

Thank you for all the amazing moments; they have been a highlight of my travels and life's experiences.

Sheryl Chuzmir

Port Washington, New York

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