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From time to time

on Jan 16, 2019

For generations, people have observed the passing of time through the change of seasons, the patterns of the night sky stars and phases of the moon. Time is regarded as an indefinite and continued process of all parts relating to the past, present and future.  Sabi Sabi has over the past four decades created three unique worlds: one of yesterday’s romance, today’s chic and classic bush experience; and tomorrow’s pioneering conservation.

Forty years ago, Sabi Sabi opened its doors for the first time and has since enthralled the world. The Sabi Sabi philosophy of ‘Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow’ stems from a history of preserving memories, conserving a unique wildlife sanctuary and ensuring a sustainable future. It is this philosophy that is also richly woven into the fabric of each of our four unique safari lodges – Selati Camp, Bush Lodge, Little Bush Camp and Earth Lodge.

Selati Camp Safari Lounge 1200px 883

Selati Camp, steeped in yesterday’s old-world charm and reminiscent of the bygone era, is a dreamy and evocative lodge infused with vintage décor and illuminated at night time by soft glowing lamps. Its newly refurbished suites offer intimacy to visitors returning time and again to delight in an unforgettable romantic luxury safari.

Bush Lodge Safari Deck 2 1200px 883

The ‘today’ experience is found at Bush Lodge, which remains a firm favourite with visitors looking for a vibrant and companionable visit, famed for its warm, convivial atmosphere and immaculate service. This classic lodge has, over four decades, hosted guests from almost every nation on earth – all treated to the same legendary service that has made Bush Lodge a ‘home away from home’ in the heart of the African bush.

Little Bush Camp Main Entrance 1200px 883

Taking its rightful place as the transition between the traditional and contemporary, is Little Bush Camp. Fully refurbished and re-designed with African-chic inspiration, the lodge is an idyllic hideaway under a thicket of indigenous riverine trees.

Earth Lodge Water Feature 6 1200px 883

Earth Lodge, renowned as an architectural masterpiece, organically merges with the environment and rekindles guests’ bonds with the earth. Symbolising the ‘tomorrow’ of ultra-luxury safari lodges, Earth Lodge exists in perfect harmony with nature.

Patsy Weingart EL Bathroom1200

Finding ourselves at the start of a new year allows for planning on how our time – our most precious commodity – will be spent over the next 12 months. Sabi Sabi is located in an unspoilt part of South Africa, adjacent to the Kruger National Park, and less than an hour’s drive from Skukuza Airport.  There are an array of Fly In Packages to choose from (either from Johannesburg or Cape Town), such as the Royal Romance Package, with a flight from Cape Town directly to Skukuza, where couples can create an indulgent 4-night African journey, including a host of holistic spa treatments at Amani Spa, at any one of our luxurious lodges – perfect for a romantic sojourn. 

Elephant 119 1200px 883

Celebrating our 40th year as custodians of this part of the wilderness, we look back on the positive change and the impact our presence has brought to this special part of South Africa. We embrace the present and the gift of witnessing nature as it has always been intended to be and look forward to the future with great expectation.

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