Sabi Sabi Wild Facts: Crab Spiders

The name Crab Spider comes from the fact that these arachnids hold their front two legs together making them look like a crab. These inconspicuous spiders are generally found hiding and hunting in flowers or on leaves. They make use of some amazing camouflage techniques, which allow them to blend into their surroundings – some can even change colour.

crab spider

Crab spiders are ambush hunters and their small eyes are geared towards picking up motion. They wait patiently on a flower for an unsuspecting victim to come to feed on the nectar and then ambush them, biting down and injecting powerful and paralysing venom into their victims. This venom is not dangerous to humans, but is strong enough to allow the spider to immobilise much larger prey than itself. Measuring no more than one centimetre in length, this particular little predator can kill butterflies, bees and other insects which frequent flowers.

When faced with danger, these Crab spiders quickly flee to the underside of the flower for cover. They do not use webs but will use silk strands to move around – much like a Jumping spider.

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