Spectacular Spring

News update: 28th November

A mild winter at Sabi Sabi has given way to a beautiful warm spring. Every year the bushveld seems to hold its breath waiting for the first rains, and within days of the life-giving drops hitting the earth, a bright green flush covers the land. The transformation happens miraculously quickly. Almost overnight trees and plants burst into bloom and tiny wildflowers poke their heads out of the earth splashing colour onto the once dry terrain. When the brilliant pink display of crinium lilies appears, summer is really on the horizon.


As if on cue, the Woodlands Kingfishers have returned from their winter climes, their unmistakable melodic calls heralding their arrival. Other migratory species such as the Wahlberg’s Eagle will wait until later in the year to return – and return they will as they chase the summer; kites and cuckoos, swallows and bee-eaters, starlings and fly-catchers, a myriad species to delight and perplex twitchers from all around the world.

Almost immediately after the first rains came the first new-born impala, hundreds of tiny lambs who’s birth usually coincides with the start of summer rainfall. These spindly-legged babies are remarkably strong and are up and running within minutes of being born – a necessary survival skill against the resident predators. It’s been just a few weeks, but nursery herds of playful young impala are already being seen right across the reserve.


Another sure indicator of summer is the morning and evening melody which plays around the waterholes, echoing across the bushveld. Unmistakable frog calls, chirping insects and birdsong all weave their tunes along the riverbanks, thickets and ponds. Every water source teems with these creatures all intent on feeding, nesting and breeding in an endless, ageless, ongoing cycle.

With the advent of spring, plains game such as zebra, wildebeest and buffalo are taking advantage of the nutritious fresh green vegetation on the open areas, and, inevitably, the herds are followed by opportunistic predators. The resulting sightings have been thrilling for guests and rangers alike.


The early summer months are full of promise and are absolutely ideal for game and bird watching. Add the long warm days and cool evenings of the season and this becomes one of the most rewarding times to be enjoying a 5-Star safari at Sabi Sabi.