We Had A Lovely Time

Ashley Hayden at Sabi Sabi

I must thank you for a lovely time at Sabi Sabi’s Bush Lodge. It would have been impossible for it to be better!

Although we were only with you for two days, we felt that we had entered a magical world, and returned home to Johnanesburg feeling like we’d been away for a week.

That of course is completely due to the marvellous experience that you and your staff created on every level – from hot water bottles in bed, to darling Ashlea at the Elefun Centre, wonderful Darred behind the wheel of the Land Rover and every single other member of the team who created an unforgettable series of memories that will stay with us forever.


Ashley Hayden and Son on safari at Sabi Sabi

Thank you so much for our beautiful stay – we really treasure our time spent with you!

Warm regards,

Ashley Hayden