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In the time that I have worked at Sabi Sabi Selati Camp I have been blessed to be teamed up with a very talented tracker, Zeblon Hlatswayo. Zeb and I have worked with each other for every drive we have done for almost a year and a half now. In that time we have become very good friends. The Ranger-Tracker relationship is a strong one built on trust, especially when tracking leopard and lion on foot it is good to know that the man next to you is one of the best and will stand with you no matter what you may encounter. So over this time it is not hard to believe that Zeb and I have become more like brothers than work colleagues.

I recently got married down in Cape Town this last April and was very excited when my Shangaan brother said he would love to make the long journey across South Africa to spend the special day with myself and my new wife, Lyndie.

Although Zeb has never ventured very far from his home of Huntington, a small village adjacent to the Sabi Sands Game Reserve, he managed to drive himself down to Johannesburg where a plane ticket my father purchased for him was waiting at the airport. This was Zeb’s first time on a plane and I can just imagine how filled with excitement and fear he was as he boarded the strange aircraft. Two hours later we met him on the other side in Cape Town and for the next hour Zeb explained how the trip went and how beautiful everything was, from the airplane to the airport and the people. It was great to watch as the day to day things we all take for granted could still bring happiness to somebody looking at it all for the first time.

Early the next morning Lyndie and I set off to show Zeb around this strange new land. First stop was Table Mountain. A bit nervous at first to climb onto the cable car for the journey to the top, Zeb relaxed a bit after watching the 50 people go up before him. When it was our turn it was amazing to watch his face as he got a birds eye view of the city and a look that only a child can get on Christmas Day when he saw the ocean for the very first time in his life. We explored the top of the mountain for the next hour and proceeded to make our trip back down for the next stop of the day.

We drove down to the iconic beach of Camps Bay, where Zeb managed to experience another life first, getting his feet wet in the cold Atlantic Ocean. Zeb was filled with questions about how the ocean worked and why when it rained too much did the water level not rise as it did in the rivers back home at Sabi Sabi. After answering all of his curiosities we set off for the final stop of the day.

The Aquarium was absolutely mind blowing for Zeb. The highlight was definitely his reaction when encountering the strange featherless penguins, never before had he seen such a strange looking bird. The sea turtle also took him by surprise compared to the terrapins we find in the bush.

At the end of Zebs trip it had been an amazing experience for this ranger-tracker team. I was able to bring him a new perspective of life outside of the bush in the big city and he definitely reminded me to be humble and appreciate things we take for granted.

We both are looking forward to our next big adventure.



  1. dean & lisa corbissero says

    Lisa & I had the pleasure to spend a couple days with Craig & Zeb during our safari at Sabi Sabi last October. It was great to read this story about Zeb’s journey to Cape Town and we want to add our congratulations to Craig & Lyndie on their marriage.

  2. sally burrows says

    A fabulous read and always refreshing to witness such innocent wonder, kindness and camaraderie. Thank you for sharing this – it has made my day – not to mention made me yearn for the ‘bush’ where I am happiest.

  3. debbie stewart says

    What a fantastic story……I felt like Zeb felt when he was out of the bush, as my trip to Sabi Sabi took my breath away and I smiled the whole time there…..so badly need to go back and take my husband…..he has never been to Africa…..I was born and raised in Africa!

  4. jennifer says

    Congratulations on your wedding and thank you for sharing this great story! When I was there I too saw all these sites and although I thought they were wonderful somehow hearing Zeb’s journey it seems even more wonderful. The things we take for granted. So glad he got to have this experience!!

  5. floor desmense says

    Fantastic to see you so full of joy Zeb! You make a great team together! Keep up the good work at Selati Camp. Craig, congratulations on your marriage!

  6. heidi frieddlander says

    Had an amazing bush experience with Zeb and Craig in December. Two really terrific people that we feel so blessed to have encountered in our journey on this earth!

    So cool that their friendship could result in Zeb’s awesome Cape Town adventure!

  7. judy guffey says

    The ranger/tracker symbiosis is wonderful and heartwarming. Have seen it in different reserves and always come home wishing that kind of kinship could prevail throughout the world.

  8. wendy hawkins says

    Congratulations to you & Lyndie, I wish you both every happiness for a long happy life together. What a fantastic opportunity you afforded Zeb, something he will not forget & be able to share with his colleagues back in Sabi Sabi.

  9. cheryl wilson says

    My husband, Mike and I, had the great pleasure to have Craig and Zeb for our Ranger and Tracker during our stay at the Selati Camp in November 2013. It was our first time to South Africa and Sabi Sabi. They truly made our wildlife experience unforgettable! It’s exciting to hear of Zeb’s first trip to the ocean and away from the bush. Congratulations to Craig and Lyndie on their marriage! What a nice couple!

  10. denise tennant says

    What an awesome heart warming “African Story”. One of the few occasions when the animals have not taken centre stage .

  11. phil rahmy says

    My wife Tanja and I, we had a fantastic time at Selati Camp. Craig and Zeb are “the” Dream Team. We saw and we learned a lot about wildlife, and we hope to come back soon. What an experience! Thank you to all the lodge team for its kindness and generosity. And… its great to read the story of Zeb’s trip to Cape Town! Warm regards from Switzerland.

  12. lauren nishihira says

    What a great story! I wish I had read this before going to Selati Camp. Although we were not on your vehicle, we still had the pleasure of meeting you. Had I read this story before arriving I would have tried to meet Zeb as well. Exchanging a few words would have been nice, instead of just saying hello as our vehicles passed during game drives!

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