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Jason Street

on Jan 23, 2023

My name is Jason Street. My passion for wild natural spaces came from as far back as I can remember. Thanks to my parents who introduced me to the wilderness at a very young age, I have been privileged to witness some incredible scenes over the years.

One scene that I will never forget and one that sparked my passion for wildlife photography was on a walk in the Kruger National Park, which has open boundaries to Sabi Sabi. We had just jumped off the vehicle and we were about 500 meters into our walk when the unmistakable squeaking sound of excited wild dogs filled the area. They were close by and moving in our direction. We stepped off the prominent game path where we were walking, sat down low and anticipated they would move past us. As luck would have it, on that day we got it right and the pack moved past us on either side. There were twelve of them including some pups. The light was golden, and we were at eye level with these incredible endangered hunters. They sniffed around within a few meters of us and eventually moved on. While I will always have this sighting engraved in my mind, I have not been able to share sights like this with the world. It was on this day that I decided I needed to capture these unique moments and share them with the world.

I went out and bought a Canon 700d that came with a kit lens 70-300mm. This is what I used for the next few years, teaching myself how to operate this piece of machinery and capturing moments to share with everyone in the hope people can share my love for these magical wilderness areas and help conserve them for future generations as well as for the health of our current generation.

I firmly believe that time spent in wilderness areas regenerates the human spirit, it changes the way we think and changes the way we behave. Wild areas are no longer a luxury but are a necessity of the human spirit. I hope that through my photography I can inspire others to protect these natural areas.

Camera Gear:

Canon 7D Mark ii
Sigma 100-400 f5 lens

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