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Daniel Greyvenstein

on Jan 23, 2023

My name is Daniel Greyvenstein, and I am a Ranger at Sabi Sabi Bush Lodge. Since I can remember I’ve had a love for wildlife and photography. I learned my love for photography from my dad who gave me the opportunity from a young age to start taking photos. He bought me my first camera, a Canon 1100D, with a kit lens. This love just kept on growing through the years and wildlife photography was definitely my favourite. As a family we would visit the Kruger National Park almost every single school holiday, and this is where I could play around with my camera. My love for photography continued to grow, and I decided to study photography after school.

For me taking photos is like a memento that you can take with you wherever you go. It is a connection between people that long for the bush and people that have the privilege to be in the bush, no matter what gear you use. And that is where social media plays a very big role. It acts as link - an easy way to connect people that are thousands of miles away from each other. I also have a degree in Marketing and Tourism Management where one of my major modules was Social Media Marketing. It builds a relationship between our guests, me and Sabi Sabi. It is a tool that can be used to share your expertise and educate people on something that you love.

I have a very good eye when it comes to a good potential photograph. This skill allows me to be the best guide that I possibly can be. It helps me to position the vehicle in such a way so that my guests have the best photographic opportunity. It makes you view a game drive in such a different way.

I hope that I can use my photography skills to share our mutual love with people all around the world, to educate people about wildlife and wildlife photography, and to tell a story without using any words.

Camera gear:

Canon 7D mark I
Canon EF 100-400mm
Canon EF 50mm

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