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We Could Have Moved In Forever!

on Dec 24, 2014

We were collected from a very pleasant airstrip by a ranger who we now know is call Brett. Having travelled from the UK we were feeling a little jaded, so very quiet for us. I would not like to have had loads of information about anything at this point. So well done.

Carol greeted us at Selati, gave us a very welcome glass of iced tea and an excellent run through of the proceedings. Unpacked, washed, tea and our 1st drive. We met Polly. Brett explained the rules and he did a good job. Basically do as you are told - said in the nicest possible manner.

Back from 1st drive and dinner. The food was excellent and served to the very highest of standards. A very big thank you to ALL the staff. We could have moved in forever. Lucky for them we didn't!!!

The drives were well organised and we didn't feel like cattle being herded around. Your policy for the number of vehicles viewing an animal/animals is well thought through. It does at least mean that they are disturbed as little as possible and we can watch them doing whatever they do best.

I would recommend Sabi Sabi without hesitation. We had a fantastic time and hope to return.

Please send our best wishes to Carol and everyone at Selati and a big hello to Brett and Polly. I do hope my girls have permanently damaged them!!??

Yours sincerely

Gillian Forsyth, Jenny and Kirsty

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