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Very Special Local Village Tour

on Dec 24, 2014

We are now back to a sunny but cold UK and the memories of the month we spent in South Africa made special by those we met and the places we visited. We really appreciated the warmth, attention and professionalism demonstrated by you and all of the staff at Selati who contributed to this wonderful experience that is Selati. Maybe we were fortunate but we found all of your guest's good company and fun to be with, and all of this helped make our 3 short days special.

I would like say a particular thank you to KG and Louis, who both made the games drives interesting, fun and full of information. We will never forget Louis' spider web stick and we have many photos and film to remind us. KG obviously enjoyed what he was doing and that showed while he was with us - nothing was too much trouble and he went out of his way to explain things to us in detail. Whether it was the big 5 or simply spiders, all questions were answered and he had an appreciation of positioning us for the best shots of whatever we found. On one occasion a leopard found us, but then "lost" us again! How KG and Louis did it we will never know, but in the bush that leopard evaded us 4 times - but their tenacity prevailed and we found it again every time. We followed and experienced that cat for close on an hour. Most importantly they showed respect for the area and the wildlife.

Our visit to Huntingdon village was also very special; we really enjoyed the experience, meeting the children at the school, the bone man and then the song and dance with the choir who gladly got everyone involved in the dancing, We have 7 minutes film of that to enjoy. I have been able to forward it to the family whose parents were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary, as it featured all 12 of them and they wanted to include that in the film they are making for their parents.

The only thing we wanted to see at Selati that we didn't was a giraffe. If you remember, Louis took us to the airstrip as he was returning to Earth Lodge that day. At the airstrip we were chatting with guests from Earth Lodge when Louis suddenly re-appeared with a smile on his face and he asked us to get back into the vehicle. After a short drive alongside the airstrip, there was a giraffe! Louis had come back to show us. He needn't have bothered. We would not have known, but I think this truly demonstrates your commitment and that of your team to ensure that your guests left Sabi Sabi fully satisfied.

Whilst we were under the care of KG and Louis, your other rangers also mixed with us and showed interest in us. It meant a lot and this is a tribute to you and your team for making us feel welcome, relaxed and at ease.

I hope that you have a well earned rest with your family. Please find attached a picture of the leopard as I am pretty sure that KG took this one with my camera. He also appreciates photography and knew more about my camera than I did and I think this picture shows that.

Sincerely Alan, Rose and Linda 18/21st February.

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