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on Feb 24, 2022

Change is inevitable. However, in order to effect positive change to one’s future, understanding historical context is often also essential.

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This acknowledgement to our future commitments is even more poignant as we exit the pandemic.

At Sabi Sabi, our Yesterday has brought us to the present, mindful that what we do Today directly impacts our Tomorrow. Our wish is that our future takes the lessons learnt from our history along with the foundations we have built on presently – in order to ensure a sustainable future.

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In this sense, conservation and community are integral. And Sabi Sabi is thus a willing custodian of many moving parts.

The golden thread that has woven this iconic sanctuary together for more than 40 years is made up of generations of wisdom, staff contributions and loyalty, and of course the myriad experiences of our many guests who we remain privileged to share our home in the bush with. Sabi Sabi is delighted to remain one of the most sought-after destinations in southern Africa.

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In the early stages of the pandemic, Sabi Sabi Leadership made a commitment to ensure the Sustainability of the Guest Experience. We offered job security to our amazing team who make up the Heart and Soul of our experience. We continued whatever training was planned and several staff returned having qualified with additional skills while being prevented from work due to global lockdowns. Our priority was to secure skills so that when tourism bounced back we would welcome guests from all over the world with the same, if not improved, service and hospitality. We invested in new Rangers despite tourism being switched off, ensured the Sabi Sabi Rangers training continued, and we remained ready for when we could welcome guests back.

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Sabi Sabi also proudly maintained its conservation, habitat management and anti-poaching efforts by investing in the future and safeguarding the environment ensuring it remained unaffected by global events.

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For years we have relied on the generosity of guests who walk through our doors to support community projects we remain committed to. Remove that key element and sadly the effect trickles down and negatively impacts those who need it the most. In this time we set up the Sabi Sabi Foundation to safeguard our community initiatives – and many of these materialised through generous donations from past and future guests. Sabi Sabi was thus not only able to continue but expanded our community work in the darkest days of lockdown.

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Sometimes change disrupts, but with a strong culture and commitment to our vision, Sabi Sabi continues to learn from our past, investing in our present so that we can secure a future.

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Thank you to all who have helped us through this process.

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We ARE Preserving the Memories of Yesterday. We ARE Conserving our environment Today. We ARE Ensuring a Future for Tomorrow.
We have a story to tell, and we can’t wait to share this with you.

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