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Outstanding Bush Lodge

on Dec 24, 2014

We're a family of 5 and stayed at Bush Lodge with you from 6-9 March 2014 in Suites 11 and 12. I'm writing to provide feedback from these days.

08July2014   Afonso Sartorio   Boma 1

To start with, we had a wonderful experience. Infrastructure, ambiance, services, food, game drives... Everything was just outstanding.

I'd like to highlight some of the people on your team:

Enok and Evidence, waiters who took care of us, were very kind at all times. Evidence displays a finesse not easy to find.

08July2014   Afonso Sartorio   Lion

Richard, the tracker who helped guide our drives, was always alert to nature and took us to close encounters with wild animals.

And, last but not least, Bethuel Mkhonto, our ranger. Bethuel was warm, calm and had a great sense of humour with our family. He shared great knowledge about the bush as well as touching personal experiences. Not to mention his soft way to drive around the wet and sandy roads.

08July2014   Afonso Sartorio   Pool

We went to see the wilderness, but it is because of these special people that we'll always have Bush Lodge in our memories. And will refer you to friends.

08July2014   Afonso Sartorio   Sundowners

Please share our gratitude with them.

Thank you and congratulations,

Afonso Sartorio

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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