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Exceedingly Wonderful Earth Lodge

on Dec 23, 2014

I can't tell you how much Marshall and I enjoyed our exceedingly wonderful time atEarth Lodge. Drienie - you and your staff were/are fabulous and, of course, the lodge is beyond compare.

We just returned home last night (52 hours of traveling) and I am in a haze of jet lag, but wanted to touch base and thank you for the information, the stay, the recipes and your fine and easy-going company.

Susan Katzman   Welcome Drink

Now, I have a terrible confession: when unpacking I found your big brass key at the bottom of my purse (am so sorry). I will mail it back immediately!!

I think it would be great to stay in touch via Facebook. I plan on posting much about Sabi Sabi in the coming days.

Susan Katzman   Outdoor Area

Thinking of you and yours with great pleasure.

Best ever,


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