Sabi Sabi Wild Facts: Buffalos

1. While old Buffalo bulls can be seen by themselves or in groups of two or three, generally Buffalos are gregarious, moving together in herds that can number in the thousands.

2. The herd has a strict hierarchy, with the strongest Buffalos moving at the front and centre of the herd and securing the best grazing and security; and the lower ranking animals bringing up the rear (and becoming the main target of predators).

3. Fully grown Buffalos are only preyed on by lions – their sheer size effectively ruling out attack from smaller predators. Buffalo bulls can weigh up to 750kg.

4. When a member of the herd is attacked, other members will often rush to its defense; and often several bulls will chase off lions.

5. A wounded Buffalo is regarded as the most dangerous animal in the African bush.

6. The Buffalo is one of the species that make up the ‘Big 5′, the others being Leopard, Lion, Elephant and Rhino. The term ‘Big 5′ was originally a hunting term referring to the five most dangerous animals to hunt on foot; but in recent times has become synonymous with wildlife viewing.

7. At Sabi Sabi ….a herd of around 600 Buffalo have been moving across the Sabi Sabi property in recent months giving excellent sightings to guests.

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