Leopard On The Move

Leopards are secretive and generally shy animals, this therefore makes it most photographers dream to take pictures of these elegant cats.

In this picture I tried something very different because we have all seen the leopard shot in the tree, of the leopard sleeping but very few shots have been taken of leopard hunting. This is because they hunt at night and are very difficult, if not impossible, to photograph at night. Using a flash just makes the shot look unnatural.


So in this shot I only used the spot light. It was almost dark and just the very last remaining daylight was left. Using a low shutter speed of 1/60 F4 and a high ISO of 2500 I managed to capture this wonderful shot. The wrath of the spot light gives the image the appearance that the last rays of sunlight have lit up the leopard and the background is nice an dark. The slow shutter gives the leopard a lovely moving look with one of its paws blurred. Until recently shots like this where almost impossible as high ISO’s meant noise but the newest cameras coming out especially in the Nikon range give no noise even at such high ISO’s.

Happy snapping,

Rod Wyndham

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