Macro Photos With A Point And Shoot

The bigger mammals on safari often make outstanding subjects in any photo but it’s the smaller things in the bush that open up a whole new world of opportunity.

It’s not only the DSLs that can capture amazing macro shots. The smaller more basic point and shoot cameras can box way above their weight-category in this field.


First select the macro function on your camera; this is very often a “flower” symbol. The next step is a crucial one in the whole process; ensure that the zoom is all the way out, even though with macro you are wanting to get as near as possible for the ultimate close up. This is not done with the zoom but rather the proximity of the camera to the subject. Get your camera right in there and pick up on all the detail that would normally be overlooked.

The smaller patterns and designs in nature are often some of the most impressive because of the scale in which they are found.

Don’t complicate, compensate.

Simon Smit

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