Lioness On A Rock

A few days ago, while going on an afternoon safari, we decided to head down to the southern section of our reserve to look for one of our territorial prides of lions.

We have a good idea where the seven females with their ten cubs love to be and it took us no longer than thirty minutes to track them down.


It was still quite hot and the majority of them were lying in the shade of some small trees resting and sleeping, building up their energy for the upcoming night’s activities.

The first movements started happening as soon as the sun set and mother earth started cooling down. Two females heard some rustling in the bushes about fifty meters away, and got up to investigate. After walking for about thirty meters they came to a small opening with areas of exposed rock and immediately dropped into a lying position. To my joy I realized that what they had heard was an approaching herd of elephants.

I took this photograph of the lioness on the rock with my Nikon D700 camera, using my 70 – 200mm F2.8 lens, with a beanbag for support. The camera settings were aperture priority; spot metering mode, ISO 1600, F4, 1/200 – and I used a spotlight for some extra lighting.

Keep it sharp out there

Wim Vorster

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