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news update: 11th july

The last few months have been very exciting for our bushveld families. Nobody noticed any unusually laden storks circling overhead, but in recent months two couples at Sabi Sabi have welcomed new babies. Managing Director, Rod Wyndham and his wife Lauren who manages Bush Lodge, welcomed their second child - a boy - to complete their pigeon pair. Baby Tayne joins his 5-year old sister, Michaela, who has lived at Sabi Sabi since she was born in 2007. Having spent her entire life in the reserve has made young Michaela a very bush-wise little girl, with a huge knowledge of all things wildlife. She is fast following her talented Dad as a keen photographer, already showing great prowess with a camera.

bush babies

Selati Camp managers, Brett and Ashleigh Heasman, welcomed baby Brooklyn earlier this year - This lucky little girl will grow up surrounded by the gentle ambience of Selati Camp, against a backdrop of bird, insect and animal sounds.

bush babies

Hugo and Alta are the managers of Little Bush Camp and toddler Luan, who is 2 years old has settled right into life at Sabi Sabi, which, though unconventional for babies, is an idyllic way to enjoy early childhood.

bush babies

Baby Hanelie, 2 years old - is daughter to Theunis, the Group Maintenance Manager, whilst mom, Marianne, works in the administration office. The oldest of our bush babies, she can look forward to years of wide open spaces surrounded by the hundreds of species of animals, birds, insects and plants with which she will share the reserve.

bush babies

For young children the African bushveld is a never-ending wonderland of sights, smells and sounds. Identifying the abundant wildlife, meeting people from all over the world and exploring the outdoors is a privilege that most children would yearn for. And if living in this amazing environment is not gift enough, having the huge, warm extended family of Sabi Sabi staff ensures more love, attention and caring than any child could ever wish for.

These lucky children are now the core of the Sabi Sabi bush-baby pack. While visitors see Sabi Sabi as a 5-Star, Big 5 luxury reserve renowned for its unrivalled luxury safari experience, to these babies it is simply the best home in the world.

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