new additions to the sabi sabi team

news update: 10th march

Sabi Sabi is pleased to announce the following appointments.

Husband and wife team, Magdel and Wim Vorster, have returned to Sabi Sabi to take up two exciting new positions within the company. Wim has been appointed Safari Manager and Magdel will expand Sabi Sabi's social media programme, keeping audiences up to date on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Wim and Magdel Vorster at Sabi Sabi

Both have previously worked at Sabi Sabi, earning great respect as exceptional rangers. The bushveld spread its magic when they met; the pair fell in love and married, eventually leaving Sabi Sabi to travel and study for a few years. Sabi Sabi is renowned for the quality and knowledge of its guiding team, and Wim will have the ongoing task of managing and expanding the expertise and training of the rangers and trackers at all of the lodges. Another interesting plan is for Wim to focus on further developing the safari programme to include specialist safaris with a specific emphasis on predators. This will be a great addition to the existing birding and photography specialist programmes. He is quite an authority on predators and predator behavior, making the reserve an ideal place for him to put his know-how and years of study to good use. Wim is an avid photographer and loves sharing this passion with others.

Magdel, besides having many years of safari experience under her belt, is also a social media buff. Her job will be to keep Sabi Sabi's friends and guests from all over the world up-to-date with interesting news and information. She is an avid blogger, so log on to keep an eye on her Tweets, Facebook and YouTube updates. There will be countless chronicles, photographs and videos of interesting stories and sightings (wildlife and people too!) - enough to keep everybody interested.

We are really happy to welcome Wim and Magdel back into the Sabi Sabi family, and wish them much success with these challenging new projects.

  • wildlife photography tips

    woodland kingfisher at sabi sabi

    "landing" the woodland kingfisher

    Every year I aim to try and capture one of these beautiful birds in flight but before I know it they are on their way back up Africa.


  • bush sightings

    wild dog at sabi sabi

    eternal enemies

    The dogs tried to hold their ground for a second, but because they had their pups with them, they retreated to a safe distance


  • wild facts

    Dung Beetle at sabi sabi

    dung beetles part 2

    The male will collect and roll the dung, forming a movable ball that will be pushed with the back feet as the front legs are armed with serrations to grip the ground for stability.


  • featured guest comments

    Kathleen, Kim, Jim, Molly, Kevin Vaughan and John Treadway at sabi sabi

    some things are priceless

    The game viewing was outstanding which included our last evening when our ranger and tracker took us on a "wild adventure" in search of the elusive leopard.


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