Incentives For Exceptional Photography

News update: 25th August

Sabi Sabi is a photographer’s paradise. Looking heavenward there are the ever-changing skies – the reds, golds and oranges of the African sunset , the pastel hues at daybreak, or the fast moving lightning storms in the afternoon; while down on earth there are the myriad of fascinating animals, birds and insects in the magnificent African bushveld with its variety of trees, silhouettes and beautiful vistas. Aspirant and professional photographers alike are captivated by the variety of subject matter in the Sabi Sabi Reserve.


The rangers too, are ardent photographers, hungry for every opportunity to hone their camera skills. Nikon, a leader in the world of cameras, has combined with Sabi Sabi in a joint venture with exactly that opportunity in mind – to improve the photographic prowess of the Sabi Sabi staff. And there are great incentives along the way. Nikon is providing four top of the range cameras for use by any of our employees who are interested in this project. Every month, photos and video clips are submitted to a panel of judges chaired by Nikon, with the winning entries being featured on the Sabi Sabi website, in newsletters and in the social media. The overall winner will be announced in November, with the lucky photographer receiving a Nikon camera and equipment valued at R5000.


The photographs can be of anything related to the bushveld; animals, birds, landscapes – even the lodges and the people working there. As all entries may be used by Sabi Sabi, it is quite possible that the rangers could see their handiwork featured in brochures, on web pages or even featured in glossy magazines around the world.

To date ten rangers have registered for the programme, which got underway last month. Before using the Nikon camera equipment, the applicants are given the necessary instruction and guidance on how to use these products. The standard of photography promises to be very high.


The Sabi Sabi photographic safaris have become a very popular option for many of our guests. For the real photo enthusiast, there is the option of booking a dedicated photographic safari. This individualised safari is overseen by a professional photographer and includes a private Land Rover equipped with specialised photographic gear. Participants on these safaris are given in-depth instruction on wildlife and landscape photography, and are given the opportunity of printing and discussing their pictures with the experts. Click here for more information on the Sabi Sabi photo safaris.

To view the monthly ranger photographic submissions, click here.