24-hour on-site medical attention available

Guests at Sabi Sabi now have access to 24-hour on-site medical assistance, thanks to the implementation of a programme by African SAFE-T (Safari and Adventure Emergency Team). Any medical complaint from minor ailments to more serious conditions and injuries are dealt with by a fully trained medical team, one of whom is based on the reserve, with the others at an off-site facility.

Dr. Simon King of SAFE-T explains: "Traditionally, medical complaints in relatively inaccessible area were dealt with by evacuation i.e. moving the patient to the nearest urban medical facility. Our programme ensures on site response, with evacuation only taking place if absolutely necessary. In serious cases, evacuation time is reduced to 30 minutes as opposed to several hours, which is usually the case on a game reserve."

Sabi Sabi Group Operations Director, Rod Wyndham says: "While we hope that we only have to make use of this facility on rare occasions, the reality is that having the SAFE-T team on board is very reassuring. We now have readily available resources for medical assistance, as opposed to being completely reliant on urban resources."

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