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Sabi Sabi is situated within a recognized hotspot of biodiversity in South Africa. Although the Sabi Sabi product does focus to a large extent on the ‘Big 5’ of Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Rhino and Buffalo, a point is made of also highlighting the ‘Small 5005’.

The Reserve supports over 300 species of birds, 47 large mammal species, 57 species of reptile as well as a myriad of smaller animals such as bats, small rodents, amphibians and invertebrates such as spiders, scorpions and insects. It has over 90 species of trees and many more shrubs and grass species.

One of the reasons for this diversity of wildlife is due to the many different habitat and microhabitat types that occur in the reserve. These include rolling hills, open savannah woodland, and denser bush along seep lines, rocky outcrops, as well as pans and riparian forest alongside the rivers.