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Sabi Sabi Airstrip Information

Sabi Sabi Airstrip Facts
Co-Ordinates Latitude: S 24° 56′ 68.9″Longitude: E 31° 26′ 82.0″
Length: 1.5 km bitumen Sealed Surface – 60m unsurfaced overrun at each end.
Width: 18m – total cleared width of 60m
Turning Circle: Turning circle at each end of airstrip with 40m diameter
LCN: 22,000 kg’s
Parking: Overnight parking available for aircrafts secured with electric fencing – measurements are 45m x 30m.
Noise Restrictions: No aircraft with a noise level exceeding the range between a Cessna Caravan and a De Havilland Dash may land at the airstrip without prior permission from Sabi Sabi management.
Arrival/Departures: Arrivals & departures of aircraft to keep to times between 11h30 and 14h30. Permission is required from Sabi Sabi for any arrivals/departures outside these times.
Features: Meet & Greet facility with complimentary refreshments for arrivals & departures.
Notes: Private aircraft and charter landings are required to complete an indemnity before permission is granted by Sabi Sabi. Click here to download the Airstrip Indemnity Form.


Federal Air Dedicated Aircraft To Sabi Sabi
Aircraft Type: Jetstream J31/J32 – Twin Engine and fully pressurised
Features: 19-Seater
2 Pilots
On board refreshments / Stand up cabin
Luggage allowed up to 20kg
Schedule O.R. Tambo International Airport (Johannesburg) to Sabi Sabi: 12h40 – 13h45
Sabi Sabi to O.R. Tambo International Airport (Johannesburg): 10h50 – 11h55


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Other features:

  • Personalised Meet & Greet at OR Tambo International (Johannesburg) Airport.
  • Personalised Meet & Greet on arrival at Sabi Sabi Airstrip.
  • Complimentary transfers to Sabi Sabi lodges from the airfield.


The normal 12 seater caravan schedules will still apply and will operate per normal from Johannesburg to Sabi Sabi. ie.
O.R. Tambo International Airport (Johannesburg) to Sabi Sabi 09h15-10h20
Sabi Sabi to O.R. Tambo International Airport (Johannesburg) 10h50-11h55




Reservations for all the abovementioned flights can be made with our central reservations office:

Tel: +27 (11) 447-7172
Fax: +27 (11) 442-0728


Sabi Sabi is also able to arrange 44-seaters for landing at the airfield.
Should a charter arrival be shared amongst other private lodges in the area, there will be a landing fee payable by non-Sabi Sabi guests. Pricing available on request.

Please note that a fee of R2500 will be imposed for any aircraft landing or take-off (if not on same day) and is applicable to aircraft larger than 9000kg.  This is to facilitate professional personnel that are required to comply with fire-fighting, evacuation and safety regulations which are set out by the Civil Aviation Authority.