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Cuisine at Sabi Sabi is more than just a meal - it is an experience, an indulgence and an African cultural experience. Sabi Sabi caters for all dietary requirements on request.

    • luxury safari cuisine at selati camp and little bush camp

    • selati camp and little bush camp

      Here head chefs Shadrack Sishlangu and Ennock Zitha concentrate on 'home cooked South African menus'.

      These two local chefs believe in 'cooking for friends' and delight in personally introducing each meal. The emphasis is always on preparing dishes with the freshest ingredients and unique flavours brought together in a traditional South African way.

      Menus are hearty, scrumptious and deliciously different.

      Selati Cuisine

    • luxury safari cuisine at bush lodge

    • bush lodge

      Bush Lodge's executive chef Wilfred Mtsali, has a wealth of world wide experience and describes his food as 'Contemporary African'. New international trends blend with traditional African fare to create a menu that is cutting edge yet comforting.

      The dishes range from South African braais (barbeques) to African mezze platters.

      Wilfred's trademark is cooking as much as possible freshly over the grills, capturing the freshness and barbeque taste that combine excellently with the fusion of fresh ingredients supplied daily.

      Wilfred is also very well trained in Indian vegetarian cuisine and caters to individual needs.

      Bush lodge Cuisine

    • luxury safari cuisine at earth lodge

    • earth lodge

      The lodge's understated, earthy yet luxurious ambiences lends itself to cuisine that reflects the very latest international trends, prepared with fresh - often local - ingredients.

      Executive chef, Shaniel Dinna, currently prepares a menu that could best be described as 'Afro Asian'. The focus is on fresh South African produce with a delicate Asian twist. Each meal is carefully conceptualised taking into account the time of day, weather, dining setting and season.

      Dishes are prepared to look as good as they taste, with Sabi Sabi's seemingly unending bush the perfect backdrop for superb 5-Star dining.

      Earth Lodge Cuisine

    • featured safari recipes

    • crisp bass with porcini mushroom and oxtail crust served on wilted greens with red wine mushroom sauce

      Sauté bass alone could harmonize with either white or red wine, but the red wine mushroom sauce and oxtail crust produce a finer pairing with earthy reds.
      Glen Carlou Pinot Noir heightens the earthy elements of the dish while not over shadowing the flavour of the bass...

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      spiced and seared tuna with green potato salad and shitake mushroom salsa

      The combination of spices compliments the mild flavoured tuna & makes for a good combination with the zestiness of the potato salad.

      The natural smoky flavour from the shitake mushrooms serves to enhance the distinct characteristics of the spices.

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      earth lodge chocolate tart

      The rich chocolate tart has a soft texture and a bitter sweet flavour, the Kahlua in the soup highlights the flavour of the chocolate and the sorbet allows the mouth a break from the rich flavour of the tart and the brownie.
      Will more than satisfy any "chocoholic cravings"

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      smoked mozzarella salad with avocado, tomato fillets and fresh basil

      Arrange the cos & butter lettuce in a pasta bowl. Place the tomato fillets on the lettuce, followed by the smoked mozzarella cheese...

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    • featured safari recipes

    • caramelised onion and gorgonzola tartlet with crème fraiche and marinated beetroot

      This combination of sweet onion & the gorgonzola cheese can only be described as heavenly. The micro greens & beetroot add a hint of freshness to the tart....

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      chicken liver schnitzel with lemon butter cream and caramelised onion confit

      One can expect a golden crisp crust around the livers and a soft textured centre. The combination of the sweet onions with the lemon flavour in the sauce is amazing and compliments the chicken livers very well.

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      lamb and feta burger with green peppercorn veloute

      The slight spicy flavour of the lamb burger is highlighted by the Danish feta cheese and the sharp taste of the green peppercorns compliment the spices used in the burger.

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      marinated beef salad

      The salad has varied textures and the homemade mayonnaise is the key ingredient. The beef can be substituted by chicken or lamb...

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    • featured safari recipes

    • cous cous and gremolata crusted linefish with lemon veloute, served on grilled vegetable salad

      The distinct lemon flavour from the Gremolata in the crust enhances the natural taste of the fish, the vegetable salad adds a hint of freshness to the dish and combines well with the veloute.

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      dukka spiced kudu loin on hummus flavoured mashed potato and caramelised root vegetables

      The North African Dukka spice combines well with the kudu and the slight saltiness of the parma ham enhances the flavour of the spice.

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      chocolate ferrero rocher cake

      "I thought there would be nothing more awesome than a cake that had two of my favourite hazelnut snacks!"

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