The boundary

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Boundaries; for some people they are seen as a challenge and for others they create stability. In life, most boundaries are there to test your restraint, not your perseverance, but this is not a typical boundary. In this boundary you are challenged mentally and physically and in doing so, cement the stability of a team,… [Read More]

Role reversal

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It was once said that the species most adaptable to change would ensure its own survival. This type of opportunism in nature exists on a daily basis and we got to experience this first hand. The lead up to this sighting actually started the evening before when myself and my guests Chris, David, Suzanne and… [Read More]

Terry`s Highlights July/August

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Wow!! What a cycle. I really enjoy writing these blogs as it gives me a chance to reflect on some of the great things I’ve witnessed over the last six weeks. Never to diminish what we see, but sometimes it can be easy to forget about good sightings especially when you have so many in… [Read More]