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a dream come true… and some more

Thumbnail image for a dream come true… and some more by Sabi Sabi April 28, 2015

Driving through Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve one will always admire the sheer beauty of the landscape and not just the Big 5. Whether it’s the large open areas, impressive rocky outcrops or the massive trees that are scattered along the drainage lines and rivers. Every guide has a dream image in their mind, whether […]

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start of a new chapter

Thumbnail image for start of a new chapter by Sabi Sabi April 15, 2015

For the last 2 and a bit years I have had the immense privilege of working with my tracker Zeblon. I have been given the opportunity to move more into the lodge environment at Little Bush Camp and will be leaving my right hand man behind at Selati Camp.  With mixed emotions our time working […]

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biting off more than you can chew

Thumbnail image for biting off more than you can chew by Sabi Sabi April 8, 2015

After a very nice sundowner stop and a breath-taking sunset once again we set off in search of a leopard, as my tracker and I decided we wanted to end the Logan family’s safari trip off with a grand finale because they weren’t going on game drive the next morning.  After trying to relocate a […]

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built for the kill

Thumbnail image for built for the kill by Sabi Sabi March 31, 2015

Most people visit places like the Sabi Sands for the beauty, tranquillity as well as the vastness of the African bushveld. It’s hard to believe that this place of serenity also has a dark and evil side. However, this side of nature has an alluring effect on most and even though some things are extremely […]

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patience is the key

Thumbnail image for patience is the key by Sabi Sabi March 24, 2015

For first time safari goers the main goal is mostly to experience as much of the African bush as possible in a short space of time. Which makes perfect sense as who wouldn’t like to see the Big 5 on a trip to Africa and tick as many boxes as you can? This phenomena is […]

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wild dogs

Thumbnail image for wild dogs by Sabi Sabi March 17, 2015

Not often one of the animals on an international traveller’s checklist. Not as regal as a male lion, or as iconic as a large bull elephant wandering across the African plains. In fact we probably get 10 times more requests to see giraffe and zebra than the African Wild Dog. Why? I put this down […]

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what lies in the unknown…

Thumbnail image for what lies in the unknown… by Sabi Sabi March 5, 2015

For most of us rangers, being in the bush is a very definite choice. We have chosen long hours, variable work, distance from family and loved ones, long term planning and simplicity of living, all in exchange for a faith that one day there will be THAT sighting that ignites a passion within us with […]

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we have arrived!!!

Thumbnail image for we have arrived!!! by Sabi Sabi March 3, 2015

I have officially been given my Sabi Sabi epilates! It has been a tough three and a half months of training but it all has been worth it in the end. I have officially started conducting safaris and I must say it hasn’t been anything short of spectacular. My first guests that I drove were […]

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a week in the bush: vol 40

Thumbnail image for a week in the bush: vol 40 by Sabi Sabi February 26, 2015

Welcome to another edition of A Week in the Bush. Over the past week the rain has been looming on the horizon and the overcast conditions have led to another incredible week of game viewing. With the overcast and cooler weather conditions we have found that the movement of the animals has been greater throughout […]

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the first week back

Thumbnail image for the first week back by Sabi Sabi February 24, 2015

The first week back at Sabi Sabi has been interesting after leave, there are no dull days when you work in the African bush. I have just arrived back at Sabi Sabi after a very nice two week leave which I spent with friends and family. Going on leave is a necessary part of the […]

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