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three’s a crowd

Thumbnail image for three’s a crowd by Sabi Sabi June 26, 2013

When a call came over the radio that there was a mating pair of leopards that had been found around Little Bush Camp my mind immediately jumped to an assumption. It was Little Bush female and possibly Mahlathini male on the fringe of his territory. When an update of the sighting came through, I discovered [...]

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marcus’ highlights of the week

Thumbnail image for marcus’ highlights of the week by Sabi Sabi June 7, 2013

Our evening safari was full of laughter and entertainment as we made our way through the reserve, tracking and spending quality time with a variety of different animals. A big highlight for my Guests and I was having the opportunity to capture a shot of this beautiful Lilac-breasted Roller enjoying the last bit of sun [...]

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nottins female kills an immense colossal african rock python

Thumbnail image for nottins female kills an immense colossal african rock python by Sabi Sabi June 5, 2013

During the course of the day, we heard a report from the staff members at Sabi Sabi that a leopard had been sighted, having killed a huge snake. Having heard this there was an immediate influx of excitement amongst the rangers after receiving this exciting news. The evening safari departure seemed like it took forever [...]

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sandriver male still holding his own

Thumbnail image for sandriver male still holding his own by Sabi Sabi May 14, 2013

Leaving Little Bush Camp, my tracker picked up on some very fresh male leopard tracks in the early morning light, just a few minutes outside of the lodge. After explaining the tracks to the guests we began our search for the male. Guest’s anticipation is always very high combined with a few butterflies in their [...]

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lion’s kudu cache

Thumbnail image for lion’s kudu cache by Sabi Sabi May 8, 2013

Since the four Southern Pride females have returned to Sabi Sabi they have been seen hunting with no positive outcome on more than one occasion. Three lots of very vigilant impala are still vividly recalling their lucky escapes. The hungry lionesses pushed on though and eventually were successful in their never ending conquest for a [...]

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a bundle of spots

Thumbnail image for a bundle of spots by Richard de Gouveia May 5, 2013

Little Bush female is probably my favourite of all of our leopards based on the fact that she is just so difficult to see and has such a fierce nature. She is the epitome of a leopard in that she is shy, elusive and a deadly killer. It is very rare that we will have [...]

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southern pride females

Thumbnail image for southern pride females by Sabi Sabi May 2, 2013

After a relatively long absence, the Southern Pride females were once again in Sabi Sabi. Having found their tracks leaving a neighboring reserve and moving onto our reserve this morning the search was on. Following the tracks of four large females, we managed them to locate them on the central western reaches of the reserve. [...]

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baby making weather

Thumbnail image for baby making weather by Sabi Sabi April 28, 2013

At the change of the season and with the bush starting to brown comes the excitement and anticipation of winter. When the air stings your face as you pull out of the lodge before the sun has broken the horizon. This is the time in the bush that I have been waiting for from about [...]

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on his toes

Thumbnail image for on his toes by Sabi Sabi April 25, 2013

A strategic, long sleep on a termite mound to avoid the midday heat, kept the Maxabeni male in the same spot for the majority of the day. We made our way over to him as the sun was starting to dip. He eventually awoke to groom himself and prepare for his evening’s activities. At the [...]

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a leopard steals from lions

Thumbnail image for a leopard steals from lions by Sabi Sabi April 17, 2013

Leaving the lodge this morning one could feel the cold breeze in the air and as the big jackets started to make their first appearances this year, it is clear that winter is arriving at Sabi Sabi. As the sun’s rays started to peak over the horizon,exposing yet another magical African sunrise and the steam [...]

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