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a day to remember

Thumbnail image for a day to remember by Sabi Sabi December 19, 2013

With the first morning light just rising above the horizon, we set off on safari eager to see what would be waiting for us. It wasn’t long before Heaviness, my tracker, shouted “STOP! STOP! STOP!” We climbed out of the vehicle to see two sets of male lion tracks walking off the road and towards […]

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lions everywhere

Thumbnail image for lions everywhere by Sabi Sabi December 4, 2013

It was a morning which started early, there was a light drizzle and anticipation in the air about what the day would bring. “Stop” said my tracker Petro with his characteristic hand gesture. We climbed out of the vehicle to inspect the tracks in the wet soil – lion tracks! I deferred to his extensive […]

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a cruel but necessary death – part 2

Thumbnail image for a cruel but necessary death – part 2 by Sabi Sabi November 18, 2013

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with my radio so when Terry called in that the mother cheetah and her cubs had caught, but not killed, a steenbuck was a prime example. I loved the fact that he had made us aware of such an incredible sighting but I was hating the fact […]

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a free lunch

Thumbnail image for a free lunch by Sabi Sabi October 25, 2013

This was one of those sightings where, as a ranger, you know what awaits is something rarely seen. Not only were there three cheetahs on a duiker kill, but a leopardess had just joined in to really mix things up. When we got there the mother cheetah and her two youngsters were nervously looking towards […]

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the new generation

Thumbnail image for the new generation by Sabi Sabi October 23, 2013

After a dry winter, the beautiful season of spring is finally upon us. The odd rain shower replenishing the parched soil with much needed moisture and the dry Marula and Knobthorn trees showing flashes of the green hue which has been missing for some time. This season of new life has also extended to the […]

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behind enemy lines

Thumbnail image for behind enemy lines by Richard de Gouveia October 21, 2013

Over the last few months we have watched as Maxabeni and Mahlathini males have jostled for territory. Even though Maxabeni has had the upper hand and almost killed Mahlathini the last time they fought. This has not deterred him from pushing back and trying to hold on to the territory he has just set up. […]

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eaten alive

Thumbnail image for eaten alive by Richard de Gouveia October 10, 2013

Graphic content warning! The guests had all gone to bed and it was time for a last drink with the rangers before retreating to the covers for a good night sleep before the next morning’s drive. While discussing the days events, Kevin’s phone started to ring and upon answering his facial expressions changed and he […]

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herding cats

Thumbnail image for herding cats by Richard de Gouveia September 2, 2013

“Rich for Kevin…you can make your approach…” the call came in over the radio as we waited patiently to get in to see Mahlathini and Little Bush female mating. The excitement started to course through my veins and the guests were oblivious to the amazing spectacle that they were about to witness…but little did I […]

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clash of the leopard titans

Thumbnail image for clash of the leopard titans by Sabi Sabi August 26, 2013

There are some days when the African bush rewards you for patience and persistence and this day, without question, ranks as my most intense wildlife experience above all others. Towards the end of our morning drive we had heard that a male and female leopard were found close to the southern bank of one of […]

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hot pursuit

Thumbnail image for hot pursuit by Sabi Sabi August 20, 2013

Solo and the Eyrefield male had gone south we thought in pursuit of the Southern Pride. Their tracks, the next day, had crossed east out of Sabi Sabi and four, relatively new males to the area, were found minutes later. These new males were found north of where Solo and the Eyrefield male’s tracks disappeared. […]

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