A Week in the Bush: vol 56

08Pravir Patel LB Cub 01

As another week comes to a close we recap on what a great week it’s been and the Sabi Sabi rangers share their favourite pictures. We have had some brilliant sunrises and sunsets recently. The winter months provide stunning light allowing for great pictures like this. The elephant sightings this week have been amazing as… [Read More]

A Week in the Bush: vol 55

01Terry Ennever-lbc phuza4

What a great week we had filled with amazing sightings, ranging from the smallest to the largest. Little Bush female was still moving deep into Nottins’ territory, hoping to expand her own territory for when the time comes to push her cub away so she at least has some space to start her life as… [Read More]

Highlights: May 2015


This is a collection of images that we feel are highlights of the month of May 2015. Some are amazing pictures and some are rare sightings or even exciting events at the Sabi Sabi lodges. Enjoy our highlights of the month.

A Week in the Bush: vol 54

As the days pass it’s becoming harder and harder to get out of bed. The winter chill has certainly set in. But once you get going early in the morning, just before the sun rises, you soon realise that it was worth waking up regardless of the cold. I personally prefer this time of the… [Read More]