a tribute to the bull

lions while on safari at Sabi Sabi

Warning: Graphic Content! Some days ago, the Sand River male lions and Southern Pride lionesses made their way back onto Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve and looked to be desperate for a decent meal. First appearing in the south, we tracked them towards Earth Lodge observing as they intently stalked whatever crossed their path, but… [Read More]

long live the king

leopard cub

Sandriver male leopard is facing a similar fate as his father once did (Thumbela male). He has had to become a rather nomadic male after being forced out of the northern sector of Sabi Sabi by his new nemesis, Maxabeni. Sandriver spends most of his days in the Southern sector close to Earth Lodge but… [Read More]

hunger makes you nasty

lion on a kill while on safari

GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING! As soon as the coffee started to flow through our veins, our eyes were beginning to open and our internal generators were started. We immediately set off into the area where Warthog Wallow had killed and hoisted a big impala ewe into a tree the previous night. We were all excited wondering… [Read More]