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the new generation

Thumbnail image for the new generation by Sabi Sabi October 23, 2013

After a dry winter, the beautiful season of spring is finally upon us. The odd rain shower replenishing the parched soil with much needed moisture and the dry Marula and Knobthorn trees showing flashes of the green hue which has been missing for some time. This season of new life has also extended to the [...]

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behind enemy lines

Thumbnail image for behind enemy lines by Richard de Gouveia October 21, 2013

Over the last few months we have watched as Maxabeni and Mahlathini males have jostled for territory. Even though Maxabeni has had the upper hand and almost killed Mahlathini the last time they fought. This has not deterred him from pushing back and trying to hold on to the territory he has just set up. [...]

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the call of silence

Thumbnail image for the call of silence by Sabi Sabi October 18, 2013

A misty, cold and rainy morning left us sleeping in and skipping the morning safari. We decided to head out into the bush straight after breakfast. With the sun finally shining confidently and the clouds drifting away, we knew it was our cue to leave the lodge. I heard from the rangers that a female [...]

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eaten alive

Thumbnail image for eaten alive by Richard de Gouveia October 10, 2013

Graphic content warning! The guests had all gone to bed and it was time for a last drink with the rangers before retreating to the covers for a good night sleep before the next morning’s drive. While discussing the days events, Kevin’s phone started to ring and upon answering his facial expressions changed and he [...]

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social leopards

Thumbnail image for social leopards by Sabi Sabi October 3, 2013

An experience that you would never forget… It was another beautiful afternoon in the bush with eight guests Ann, Stacy, Lisa, Peter, Maggy, Sven and the honeymoon couple Tim and Alyison that had never been on safari before. We had seen four of the Big 5 in two days and were yet to see leopard. [...]

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litter of little lions

Thumbnail image for litter of little lions by Richard de Gouveia September 30, 2013

A beautiful morning in the bush, greeted by the sight of the Kruger male and one of the Southern Pride lionesses and her cubs. We had literally driven 300 metres out of Bush Lodge when we found them all sleeping next to the road and the rambunctious cubs played with a log. They pounced all [...]

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the “ghost” male leopard makes a kill

Thumbnail image for the “ghost” male leopard makes a kill by Sabi Sabi September 25, 2013

After a fantastic sighting of the Kruger male lion, I decided that we needed to stop for a sundowner and try take in the incredible feeling after sharing an hour of our lives with him. I chose a drinks stop that I have never stopped at before – an open area with the golden yellow [...]

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herding cats

Thumbnail image for herding cats by Richard de Gouveia September 2, 2013

“Rich for Kevin…you can make your approach…” the call came in over the radio as we waited patiently to get in to see Mahlathini and Little Bush female mating. The excitement started to course through my veins and the guests were oblivious to the amazing spectacle that they were about to witness…but little did I [...]

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a trip to the airstrip like no other!

Thumbnail image for a trip to the airstrip like no other! by Sabi Sabi August 30, 2013

After yet another successful safari here at Sabi Sabi, it was almost time to say farewell to my guests Lothar and Ursula, but not before a trip to our very own private airstrip. The morning drive yielded somewhat disappointing results as we had to abort a tracking exercise where we were right on the tail [...]

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new southern pride members

Thumbnail image for new southern pride members by Sabi Sabi August 28, 2013

On the evening safari my tracker, Phios, and I decided that we were going to head to the southern section of our reserve. The plan was to go down towards the Sabie River and enjoy the changing topography, and after we had had sundowners we would try finding the Southern Pride. As things go in [...]

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