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southern pride update

Thumbnail image for southern pride update by Sabi Sabi March 31, 2014

The story of the Southern Pride is an ever-evolving masterpiece of nature. I have mentioned on a number of occasions that nature is all about the good, the bad and the ugly and without these three factors the entire system will fall apart. The Southern Pride is not immune to this and over the past […]

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a week in the bush: vol 4

Thumbnail image for a week in the bush: vol 4 by Sabi Sabi March 25, 2014

The Southern African wilderness is unbelievably diverse in terms of the array of life found within it, from the smallest of insects to the world’s largest land mammal. As a guest to our country it is sometimes so easy to overlook the smaller details when on a safari, especially when confronted with the infamous and […]

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lioness and a hare

Thumbnail image for lioness and a hare by Sabi Sabi March 20, 2014

The afternoon scene was set like that out of a movie. The dark clouds rising up and up with lightening striking the outskirts of the clouds like a faulty light bulb. The storm was near and rolling in from the west, the humidity was increasing every minute the storm continued to approach Sabi Sabi. Our […]

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survival of the cubs

Thumbnail image for survival of the cubs by Sabi Sabi March 14, 2014

You would think that being the offspring of the king of the savannah that life would be easy. Just like their prey and competitors, this wonderful landscape can be brutal and unforgiving. Sadly being born into royalty comes with its perils and I believe that the current batches of Southern Pride cubs are in a […]

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perfect timing

Thumbnail image for perfect timing by Sabi Sabi February 13, 2014

Hi everyone. This is my first of hopefully many blog posts for Sabi Sabi. My name is Lance and I am one of the new guides here at Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve. I am currently on the training program and looking forward to getting out into the bush as soon as possible! This blog […]

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from ashes, rise friendships and coalitions

Thumbnail image for from ashes, rise friendships and coalitions by Sabi Sabi February 6, 2014

The night air was heavy with humidity but there was no mistaking the echo of male lions roaring close to Bush Lodge. The roaring continued all night and allowed for huge excitement and anticipation of who it was. Was it Solo and Eyrefield? Was it the Kruger male? Was it the Sandriver males? Or even […]

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buffalo vs lion cubs

Thumbnail image for buffalo vs lion cubs by Richard de Gouveia February 2, 2014

The weather over the last few days had been gloomy at best but we had managed to fight our way through it. The rain was misting down on us but our spirits were high. I was looking to find some giraffe for the guests and as we came around the corner there was a beautiful […]

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terry’s cycle highlights

Thumbnail image for terry’s cycle highlights by Sabi Sabi January 29, 2014

Wow!! What a cycle it has been. In actual fact it was an amazing year at Sabi Sabi and a very enjoyable and special one for me personally as it has been my first at this oasis I call home. One would think that writing a blog about your cycle highlights would be easy but […]

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with calmness comes turmoil and death

Thumbnail image for with calmness comes turmoil and death by Sabi Sabi January 24, 2014

Everyday somewhere out there, there is a wild cat that chases its prey from total stealth to full throttle acceleration in seconds and there is a prey that is alert and prepared to outrun its predator. This is exactly what we encountered earlier this week. As we arrived into the area where nine of the […]

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2013 – a year to remember

Thumbnail image for 2013 – a year to remember by Richard de Gouveia January 14, 2014

This year has just flown by, leaving me with memories that will forever be etched in my mind. Sabi Sabi is a magical place that I have had the privilege to be apart of for over 4 years and have been able to share with countless guests. From the amazing lodges, each with their own […]

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