lance’s highlights of the week: vol 1

This week the bush has been absolutely pumping!

We have had the privilege of viewing a number of cheetahs that have been making the reserve their home in the past few days. It is always special to see these endangered big cats, especially in the beautiful golden settings of late winter.


Every now and then we get the opportunity to try something new. In this case a very young elephant decided the vehicle was the best thing he could find and spent around 5 minutes trying to intimidate us by mock charging us.

elephant ear

My favourite leopard sightings so far this cycle would be when Maxabeni and Little Bush female were sharing a kill in a tree. It is not often you get to see Little Bush so easily and for so long, so it was nice to spend some quality time with her.


It was also good to see Maxabeni was on the mend again after having another fight. His wounds are deep but he is tough and has the scars to prove it!


The second best sighting for me was to finally see Sandriver male leopard. I have been here eight months now and this is only the second time I have seen him. He is still as imposing as ever, strutting round in the middle of Maxabeni’s territory looking for females and for fights!


I finally spotted a Coqui Francolin! After a few days straight of hearing them calling in the mornings, we were finally lucky enough to lay eyes on one!

Coqui Francolin

The last few days have been filled with flurries of yellow, black and white….of funny chirps and whistles and the calls of frantic impalas…..this can mean only one thing…… the wild dogs are back!

wild dog

After finishing off a buffalo kill the three Sand River male lions began to walk their territory again calling long into the night, challenging any others who dare come close. They are finally starting to look like proper imposing males and doing their job properly. To see these three monsters walking through the bush, with full bellies and eyes filled with concentration was amazing for guests and guides alike.

male lion

male lion

male lion


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