week in pictures – part 1

My first week of a new cycle and it’s been a cracker! Here are some of my favourite shots of the cycle so far. I hope you enjoy them.

The Smaller things

This cycle I have spent a bit more time photographing more of the smaller things found here at Sabi Sabi, the things that are often over looked, forgotten or just ignored by some.

Now that we are in winter we are seeing less and less insects every week. However there are a few trees that are still flowering on the property that are a last stronghold for lots of species, and in particular, the African Monarch. This beautiful butterfly is still holding on and can still be found floating around the reserve. Did you know that butterflies have scales? Well these photos show their wings close up, reveling these scales and their beautiful patterns.

Although most of the more spectacular migratory birds have left the reserve for better feeding grounds, there are still a few species left that create attention. The Fork-tailed Drongos are still putting on great shows as the stick close to big game animals and also dwarf mongooses as they catch insects flushed out by the other animals.

There are still African Green Pigeons in the Sycamore Fig, Jackalberry and Guarrie Trees that are all fruiting this time of year.

The White-bellied Sunbirds are also back in the gardens. They have been spotted on numerous occasions in the flowering succulents inside the ranger’s village.

The dwarf mongooses have also been on full display, being very easy to spot with the grasses being so dry. There have been many occasions where guests have had great joy watching these busy creatures go about there business right next to the vehicles.

In the last two months or so, coinciding with the winter dryness, large herds of buffalo have entered the reserve. The last herd would have been a few hundred strong and with them they bring a few visitors. There are hundreds of Red-billed Oxpeckers travelling with the large convoy, and there have even been a few sightings of the very rare Yellow-billed Oxpeckers as well!



  1. wendy hawkins says

    Very nice Lance. Its about time Sabi Sabi did a week in pictures, so make sure you keep it up as the competition is fierce :)

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