with darkness comes insanity

As we set out for the afternoon Safari our plan was to go and spend some time with 8 lionesses of the Southern Pride that were found in the morning towards the south of Sabi Sabi. We were having a wonderful drive with some great sightings of plains game and one or two lovely birds.

As we arrived into lion sighting most of them were sleeping but one or two females lifting their heads. I suggested to my guests that we go for a quick sundowner and return to the lions as it cools downs and darkness sets in over the bush as this was the best chance of seeing the lions awaken. With lions being such opportunists we could never tell what could happen around every corner.

We left the lions and stopped nearby for our sundowners with guest’s excitement glowing off their faces for what may be awaiting us as we return to the lions. We packed up and headed straight to the lionesses to find them showing the signs of activity which is what we wanted. They were starting to yawn, stretch, grooming and socialising with one another reassuring their bonds.

southern pride lions

As they started moving we noticed one of the females sharpening her claws and stretching her muscles on a Leadwood tree. The lions paraded past the vehicle locking eyes with guests. We followed the lions for about half an hour as they moved through the African bush just oozing with confidence as it got later and darker into the night. As the lions patrolled in search of their next potential meal we were unsure if we were going to witness them hunt as they had not picked up the scent of any animal yet.


lions at sabi sabi

Just then we saw the lioness’s noses turning into the direction from where the wind was blowing and their shoulders sunk and were fixated on one area. We moved up ahead to see what they were so interested in and there lay a small heard of impala which was unaware of what was coming their way. We immediately went lights down as not to favour either of the animals and so the patience game started. With very little light in the sky with all the cloud cover and wind in the perfect direction, we sat in total darkness not knowing the exact where about of the lions. This was the opportunity we were looking for!!!!

lions at Sabi Sabi while on safari

Suddenly we could hear some movement in front of the vehicle, and then we saw another lioness come around the vehicle and head towards the impalas. Suddenly chaos echoed through the silence of the night. We raced in to see what action was happening with our lights on at this point and there they were 8 lionesses devouring 2 young male impala. Positioning ourselves between the 2 kills we saw as these lions tore them to pieces crushing of bones, growling at each other and tug of war between the lions for the scraps and within minutes there was nothing left.

lion kill

lion kill

What seemed to be forever was now over in 10 minutes and all the adrenaline and excitement was coming to an end. With only the grass stained with blood to show this breath taking event. This was just another incredible day in the bush which we get live in, with these powerful and remarkable creatures.


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