a day to remember

Things here at Sabi Sabi have been outrageous! Sightings have been spectacular, weather has been comfortable and guests are just loving every second. Yesterday was just one of those days where everything just flowed from one thing to the next. We enjoyed plenty of general game sightings and just as the sun began to move towards the horizon a huge herd of elephant came down to a waterhole to enjoy a drink. The interaction between the different groups as they approached the water left us dumbstruck. The rumbling communication of these giants tickled our insides as they greeted each other and enjoyed a refreshing drink.

elephants at Sabi Sabi

elephants at Sabi Sabi

Thinking that things couldn’t get much better we packed up our sundowner drinks and headed east to see what was happening that side. I had originally planned to go and see Nottins female leopard on her kill but one of the rangers had just found Mahlathini mating with the White Dam female.

leopards mating while on safari at Sabi Sabi Luxury Safari Lodges

The two of them were on a mission and he marked territory as he went along and was oblivious to our presence. This made me so happy to see him this relaxed as we have been working hard to get him to relax. When he first arrived on the reserve he was far from unhappy with the vehicle and he wouldn’t let us get closer than about 30 metres from him. Since then we decided to drop vehicle pressure on him and limit him to a two vehicle sighting and allowed him space to continue with his activities without feeling any pressure from us. Almost 4 months later he was walking past the doors of the vehicles as if we had an invisibility cloak on. What an amazing feeling to have a magnificent cat like him allow us to view his world.

leopard sighting while on safari at sabi sabi luxury safari lodges

As we followed the leopards they moved along, stopping periodically to mate and then moved a bit further. The two beautiful cats eventually melted into the night as we left them to carry on with their ritual. Hopefully we will get to see them this evening and I can show my new guests this amazing sight!

leopards mating while on safari at Sabi Sabi Luxury Safari Lodges



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