is a new powerhouse forming in the southern sabi sands?

With another interaction occurring yesterday between the Sparta male lions (Solo and Eyrefield males) and the Kruger male lion, speculation is brewing.

The struggle for power over this much sought after piece of Africa, which also forms the center of the powerful Southern Pride’s territory. This battle between the three males has been a long lasting one with the Sparta males first showing real intent in taking over the territory more than six months ago.

kruger male lion

Much credit has to be given to the Kruger male who is sometimes seen as the underdog. But with immense pressure on him has managed to hang onto his kingdom.

Over this six to seven month period there have been several interactions between these lions, but have never led to any serious injuries for any of the males. Almost all of these interactions between the lions have been stand offs between the Kruger male and Solo, with the Eyrefield male either watching from a distance or being chased off by the long standing Kruger male.

male lions at Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve

With these interactions going on, there have been many predictions of what the outcome would be, and which males would be the eventual victors. But let us throw a spanner in the works. What about a new coalition forming in the south, the Kruger male joining alliance with the Sparta males?

The interactions have been leading us to think that the scraps constantly ongoing between these males could be an attempt to establish a dominance hierarchy between the three lions. Should this happen, it would benefit all involved. With the Sparta males finally becoming true territorial males, furthermore this increase in strength would surely increase the longevity of the Kruger male who is starting to age.

kruger male lion

This joint force will also make them more formidable in the defense of this southern territory as the pressure on what could be a new coalition is growing with the likes of the young Sandriver males, as well as the fierce Majingilane males also showing an interest in the area.

Exciting times ahead as we all watch on in anticipation of what the outcome will be in this struggle for power.



  1. karin says

    I can’t imagine the Kruger male being happy to be in an alliance and maybe lose his dominance, it will be interesting times, for sure. I hope he survives this.

  2. mj bradley says

    I would love to see the KM hold on for a bit longer, and maybe an alliance is just the way for him to do that! Thanks for sharing.

  3. susan says

    I wonder if Solo’s history of aligning with non familial prides and lions will have any impact. When he was run off as a sub adult and joined the spartan (correct me if I’m wrong), the dominant male allowed him in, so we all know he has plenty of experience forming these types of bonds.

    I also wonder if the KNP male can smell that these two males are not related and thus have formed a non-familial bond.

    It’s all very fascinating, even if it’s a million to one chance. Solo doesn’t seem like the type of dominant male to go for the kill and the KNP male seems wise enough to know that any serious injuries will pretty much squash any chance of him being the head of the Southern Pride.

    Thank you for the write-up!

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