nottins female kills an immense colossal african rock python

During the course of the day, we heard a report from the staff members at Sabi Sabi that a leopard had been sighted, having killed a huge snake. Having heard this there was an immediate influx of excitement amongst the rangers after receiving this exciting news.

The evening safari departure seemed like it took forever to come around as everyone was eagerly anticipating the discovery of such a rare sighting. The level of excitement amongst the guides was at an all time high. With the knowledge of where this epic event took place, the guides and trackers set off to discover what had actually happened. After trying to put the pieces together of what had happened between the two animals, a call came over the radio that Nottins female had killed a massive African Rock Python.

On arrival at the sighting we saw the beautiful leopard in a thicket. In front of her was the monster serpent, her catch that she was starting to feast on. The python was a colossal. And we estimated it to be around the four meter mark. After a few minutes the leopard preceded to get up and drag the python over a small open area towards a Jackalberry tree.

leopard eating a python while on safari at sabi sabi private game reserve

You could see the focus in her eyes, as she got to the base of the Jackalberry tree and she evaluated her best route up . As she made the first leap up the tree her rippling shoulder muscles bulged from her body leaving us all in awe and amazement of the pure power of these majestic animals.

leopard taking a python up a tree while on safari at Sabi Sabi Luxury Safari Lodges

Once she had ascended the tree she found a suitable place to stash the kill in order to protect it from the waiting scavengers that would no doubt arrive on the scene at some stage. She then continued to feed.

leopard taking a python up a tree while on safari at Sabi Sabi Luxury Safari Lodges

As time passed the Nottins female decided that she had had a satisfying meal for the time being and descended the tree where she found a suitable place to rest. Here she began grooming herself, looking very content with life. On that note we decided that we should leave her in peace for the evening. This was truly another amazing sighting which allowed us to get a glimpse into the secretive life of this beautiful leopard.



  1. wendy hawkins says

    Wow that is no mean feat getting that 4m long python up that tree! To watch her flex her muscles then ascend effortlessly is amazing. Thanks guys for sharing that and Francois for the video!

  2. tracey r says

    I wonder how much a 4 metre python would weigh – impressive job, beautiful leopard! Thanks for sharing !

  3. mario salassa says

    During my life time I must had been 25 or more time at the KNP but unfortunately the leopard it’s the only animal that I din’t have the luck to see. I’m still very sorry today for this bad luck.

  4. doris charles says

    Richard never in a million years would i think a leopard could kill a 4m python, it must have got it by its gullet they say its about 6″ down from back of the head.
    Thank you for this Richard

  5. mj bradley says

    Wow, in US measure 4 meters is 13.1 feet.. I think that python would weigh in at somewhere around 200 lbs? What an awesome sighting! Thank you for sharing.

  6. tina greeff says

    Never would have thought that a leopard would go for a snake.Absolutely amazing the way she managed to get it up the tree.Thanks so much for sharing this unique siting with us

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