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After a fantastic 2 weeks of leave, I am refreshed and ready for the holiday season out here at the wonderful Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve. The festive season has already taken hold here and the staff have all got their presents waiting for them. The animals have also been in a festive mood showing off their best for us whilst we have been on game drives and even in between. Just arriving at the airstrip for the next cycle, to be greeted by the Southern Pride feeding on a buffalo 40 metres away from the terminal building is a great reminder of how lucky I am to do something I love, in a place filled with so much magic it leaves me with goose bumps.


The pride was all split up but slowly joined together again with the 2 remaining 6 month old cubs being the last to join the feeding frenzy. The two young sub adult males that have been split from the pride have not been seen but are just north of the reserve and apparently are a little worse for wear. The highlight for me though was getting to see Floppy Ear’s cubs for the first time. The 2 month old youngsters were full of play with their older cousins not hesitating to play babysitter as the little ones chewed on their ears.

lioness while on safari game drive at sabi sabi

lions on a kill

lion cub

The other morning I was even greeted into the lodge by a Marbled Tree snake, which had caught a Yellow House bat and fallen from the ceiling. It continued to bite and envenomate its prey. It consumed the small bat with an audience watching and photographing and once it had finished I moved it outside and it posed for a while before moving off all fat and bulging from its hearty meal.

snake eating a bat

snake eating a bat

snake eating a bat


The first couple of drives were littered with the Big 5: Sandriver had killed a warthog; the Southern Pride were doing damage all over the place; the Kruger male had stolen a buffalo kill from the females; and so it went on. The work cycle could not have taken off on better note and I look forward to the next 5 weeks of festive cheer, animals and friends.




by: Richard de Gouveia (Little Bush Camp ranger)


  1. jason doiron says

    Richard, do you know what happened to splt up the 2 young males from the pride and are they looking bad from starvation or did they get into a scrap? I hope they are accepted back and dont end up like the young male that was attacked and killed by the pride after finding his way back. thanks

    • ranger rich says

      Hey Jason

      The two young males did attempt to get back in but were not greeted with too much happiness by the females. I am sure that the time has come for them to move on and doubt that the females will do to them what they did to the other cub as he was much younger.

      Hope this helps!

  2. sheila says

    I’ve been slacking with my reading and catching up on blogs. Glad I didn’t miss this one. I hope to get those goose bumps myself some day. Incredible photos of the snake vs bat. Actually, as always, all the photos are great. Welcome back Richard.

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