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There is nothing quite like seeing lions but when you have been watching the interaction of a pride for 3 years and go out on safari only to see three new males in their prime lying in the heart of Southern Pride territory – this sends shivers of excitement down my spine! What a feeling!

male lion at Sabi Sabi

male lion at Sabi Sabi while on safari game drive

Initially all the rangers jumped to the conclusion that these three males were the new males that had shown up on the reserve a little while ago, but after some debating on one of my facebook  posts with the lions fans around the world it turns out that these could possibly have been the Majengilanes, a formidable coalition of 4 from the North of our reserve. This still needs to be confirmed and I am hoping that some of you may be able to help us out in identifying them.

male lion at Sabi Sabi while on safari game drive

male lion at Sabi Sabi while on safari game drive

The guys found them early in the morning and they were doing what lions do best…sleeping, and by the time I relocated them nothing had changed. I planned for the afternoon safari we would again go see them but only later when it got dark so we could see them moving around. As I got into the sighting we could see the silhouette of these three magnificent males strolling down the road towards us, backlit from the vehicles following them. As cool as ice they strolled right past my tracker without even passing him a glance.

male lion at Sabi Sabi

They moved through the bush silently, stopping from time to time smelling to identify the smells of new females. Every time they picked up a new scent they would raise their heads and listen carefully hoping that they would pick up the sound of a distant roar to pin point their new targets. The look in their eyes was one of complete confidence and even more so of a lust for a new pride.

male lion at Sabi Sabi while on night safari game drive

One of the blonde mane males walked passed my vehicle only to stop right next to my door, no more than a metre from me, lifted his head and pull the aromas of the evening into his nostrils. He was HUGE and the thought that I didn’t know these males left me a little nervous at his proximity. Another lay just behind the vehicle as the blonde male moved to the front and lay down in the headlights and third one just off in the bush.

male lion at Sabi Sabi while on night safari game drive

male lion at Sabi Sabi

male lion at Sabi Sabi

 male lion at Sabi Sabi while on safari game drive

After a few minutes of sleep they got back up and proceeded to bond with each other by rubbing heads, rolling on one another and grooming before moving off into the darkness of the night and not be seen again. By the time we had set on the next morning’s safari they had left the reserve and although they were gone they had left an undeniable mark on me.

by: Richard de Gouveia (Little Bush Camp ranger)


  1. juan josé rubio coque says

    Thank you Richard for this fantastic blog and pictures. For sure they are the Majingis. In the first pictures of the blog you can clearly see to Scarnose. In the last times they are deeply exploring Sabi Sand. Just some days ago they were in the western sector to challenge the Selati males. Perhaps they feel it has arrived their time to look for new prides and territories…..Time will tell. I am happy to see that for now they have retreated to their core territory

  2. morani says

    Gracias por la Informacion sabisabi , yo estoy muy al tanto con las cosas que puedan pasar entre los leones Saludos.

  3. jason doiron says

    Richard did 1 of these males appear younger with healing wounds on his back or are these 3 different then the 3 that were attacked by the Majingilane on Londolozi about 1 week ago, i heard that they might be the 3 males that were born to the Skukuza/Hilda Rocks pride in 2008. Also when was the last time the 3 Toulons were seen in your area? thanks and keep up the good work

    • ranger rich says

      Dorion, they were definitely the Majengilanes and we havent seen either the three new males or the toulons since Ben saw them a few weeks ago!

  4. walker says

    Wow! The poor Southern Pride seem to be having incrusions from all sides. The Toulons, the 3 new males and now what appears to be the majingilanes. I wonder how long the young cubs can survive. Are the sub-adults old enough to thrive alone??

  5. souvenir says

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