goshawk clamps down on an agama

The last few days we have been blessed with some glorious weather. The sun was beating down as we left Earth Lodge for safari. After leaving a buffalo wallowing in a dam trying to get relief from the afternoon sun we were greeted by the sight of a dark chanting goshawk swooping down and snatching a tree agama that was busy sunning himself.

Dark Chanting goshawk

Normally agamas are lightening fast and can pick out their predators with ease, but this poor little fellow was a little more worried about his tan than the potential dangers around him. The moment the goshawk slammed its talons deep into the agama he screeched in pain and attempted to bite his attacker.

Dark Chanting goshawk

All attempts were futile though and the goshawk launched out of the tree and made his way to enjoy a late lunch in the shade. What an amazing sighting to see this interaction and watch the kill from start to finish. It is always amazing to catch the little dramas as we often get caught up in the larger mammals the bush has to offer and it was an even greater privilege to see this with the amazing guests I had on board with me!

Dark Chanting goshawk

 Morah-Leigh Cooper ( Earth Lodge Ranger )


  1. frik steinberg says

    Great pictures and so rightly said, we always want to see the larger mammals but forget all about the smaller dramas playing out in the bush ! Great work, keep it up !

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