kruger male vs mapogo

Last night I was privileged to spend some time with the Southern Pride as they moved through the still of the night looking for a potential meal. The Kruger Male was following close behind and we had some great opportunities to photograph him.

Kruger male lion at Sabi Sabi

 He is looking great and clearly showing that he is the king of this area. Even though we didn’t hear them roaring while we were with them, I did hear them when we got back to the lodge. After dinner service I could hear the distinct call of one male lion close to the camp (KNP Male) and then 2 other males replying (Mapogos).

Kruger National Park male lion at Sabi Sabi

 This morning we found the pride with no KNP male with them and Michell, after some great tracking was able to find him almost 15 kilometres away from the pride. After she had spent time with him she went down to the Sabi River for a coffee with her guests and saw the Mapogos lazing in the river about 200 metres away.

Kruger National Park male lion at Sabi Sabi

 There is no doubt that there was interaction between the three males last night but from the looks of things the interaction was not physical. It is my guess that the Mapogos had heard the KNP making his way down there and decided to rather make space than face any form of confrontation. Patrick Flanagan, a guest at Earth Lodge took the photo of the 2 Mapogos below. Thank you for sharing!

Male lions in riverbed at Sabi Sabi private Game Reserve

by: Richard de Gouveia (Little Bush Camp ranger)


  1. juan says

    Hi Richard

    Thanks for the amazing pics
    The Kruger Male is by far my favourite lion in the Sabi Sands, he looks a mean beast.
    How does the Kruger Male compare in size to the Mapogo’s ..?

  2. ben beckham says

    I would like to ask, why did a fight never occured when it was clearly two versus one? Is it because the 2 brothers are now like old leopards avoiding comfrontations?

    Also, is there any chance that they’ll form a coalition?

    • ranger rich says

      Hi Ben

      The Mapogos are avoiding confrontation at all costs due to their age and the fact that the KNP males gave them a run already.

      There is always a possibility of another coalition but the chances are very low!

      • souvenir says

        Iam a chinese。living at eastnorth of china。

        I am so happy to find you guys who update those story and pics about the mystery africa and the great animals living there。。

        you are the ones true love the nature and the lives 。so do I。

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